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Though humans do not have a complex sense of smell as most believe, one psychologist and wildlife biologist believes that dogs can teach humans to sniff just as well as they do. She sees the nose as one of those features of the body that is rarely exalted which could be the reason why there is not much fuss around the sense of smell. In fact, some people can easily vote for smell as the sense they would easily lose if it came down to it.

However, unlike popular opinion, humans are born natural smellers. Kids from the time they are in their mothers’ wombs learn to identify things by the sense of smell. Even in early years, children recognize their parents, siblings, and friends just by how they smell. In early ages, sniffing and smelling is more of navigation and discovery.

However, this great ability is lost with time, as we smell different things in a day. In the same period, a dog has been able to smell many other things hence the admiration associated with dog’s smell sense.

These dogs have been used to sniff out even the things that no one thought had any odors such as cancer cells. Researchers believe that humans are also sensitive smellers and a few tricks from the dog can improve their sense of sniffing. Some of the things that can enhance this ability include sticking your nose in the items you want to smell, treat smell with interests and avoid dismissing them, and finding a name for the smell can all go a long way.

About Clay Siegall

Dr. Clay Siegall is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics Inc., which was founded in 1997. He has served as president from 2000 and as CEO from 2002. He has a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the field of cancer research and therapeutic drug development. Clay has worked in several other pharmaceuticals, which have been key to his success.

Dr. Clay has been influential in guiding Seattle Genetics towards achieving success. He has been able to secure over 675 million dollars through both public and private financing which has gone a long way in ensuring the company stays ahead of its competition.

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