How successful is Success Academy in improving education?

If you are involved in the New York City education system, you have probably heard of Success Academy. A charter school network with 41 schools currently in its system, and serving more than 14,000 students.


What you may not know is why Success Academy was founded and how successful it has been since it came into existence in 2006.


Why was Success Academy founded — Founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz started Success Academy after being involved in the New York City education system for many years, and seeing first-hand how low-income children and children of color are so often left behind.


Not because of any failings on their part, but on the failings of New York City school districts.


So Moskowitz started Success Academy in an attempt to improve education for some of the city’s children, and to specifically target those children nobody else is trying to help.


How successful is Success Academy? — The organization is now responsible for 41 charter schools in the New York City area. These schools accept children from all over New York, with a random lottery deciding which children will be accepted every year.


Each Success Academy school concentrates on providing a free, high-quality education for all its students, as well as on advocating for a change in educational laws so more children get the same advantages.


Almost 93 percent of the children accepted at Success Academy schools are children of color, and the majority are from low income families. Some also have special needs.


All of these children are given an education that includes not only instruction in the typical core subjects, but also critical thinking skills so they are equipped to excel.


Last year, every one of the organization’s elementary and middle schools were in the 90th percentile of schools in New York state in a variety of subjects, including both English and math.


So successful is the network in teaching the children in it, other charter schools around the country are now looking to it for leadership and help.


Founder Eva Moskowitz now says her goal is to serve 50,000 New York City students in the next few years.


Greg Finch Offers Excellent Orthopedic Procedures

Orthopedic surgeons are professionals who provide exceptional treatment services to individuals affected by various musculoskeletal problems. These experts must complete a full medical training in surgery. The skills they acquire allow them to perform multiple orthopedic procedures. They prevent further damages of the musculoskeletal system in the human body. For instance, if a patient gets backbone injuries, he or she can receive treatment services from an orthopedic surgeon. The experts have exceptional abilities to detect the severity of the injury and recommend the right treatment process, which may include surgery. These processes help in stabilizing the body of the victim.

Greg Finch is one of the renowned orthopedic dentists in the world. The Australian medical practitioner is a spine specialist. He helps thousands of clients from different countries. Due to his excellent expertise in the medical field, Greg Finch offers treatment services to victims who suffer from terrible backbone problems. His service delivery is exceptional, making him a favorite for many people because he provides advisory support to patients after treatment. The advice is helpful because it helps the victim in the healing process after undergoing surgery. The process instills confidence to all the patients he treats.

Additionally, Greg Finch is a member of different notable groups and societies. Some of them include the North American Spine Society (NASS) and the famous Spine Society of Australia. These groups expose him to more ideas which he utilizes in the treatment process of his clients.

There are other numerous types of orthopedic procedures. Some of the common ones include knee arthroscopy, replacement of joints, shoulder surgery, ligament reconstruction, ankle surgery and fracture fixation. If you experience terrible injuries, you should seek medical support from reputable orthopedic surgeons, like Greg Finch. The process will enable you to receive immediate medical attention and get proper treatment from professionals.

Tammy Mazzocco in The Real Estate World

Tammy Mazzocco is an accomplished woman who keeps excelling; she is a successful real estate agent. At the moment she is buying real estate buildings in a number of towns like; Delaware, Licking, Central Ohio and Franklin. Her first job was as a secretary in The Edwards Realty Organization. Later on, she worked for seven years at Scotland Yard Condominiums. Her hard work made her achieve a real estate license. She was linked to various organizations as a real estate agent.

Tammy Mazzocco has always enjoyed being a real estate agent. Her daily schedule is as follows; exercising herself to be in good shape to work and carrying on with her job which entails picking calls from her customers as well as reading her emails. She is a hardworking woman who has goals in her work, they include; conducting research, implementing the best strategies and making good ideas. The one on one talk with her clients always motivate her and through that, she has achieved much in her business. According to Tammy Mazzocco, success is what she achieves every day due to her objectives and how she makes them a reality.

Tammy Mazzocco is a devoted woman in the real estate business; she has always taken care of the needs of her clients before carrying on with other duties. She believes that the significant task in assisting clients is working on their needs and transaction but not necessarily the results. Realtor and Zillow are few of the organizations that have been greatly helped by Tammy and they have been successful. She has also been concentrating on customer service since it is necessary when it comes to a business being an accomplishment. Find Mazzocco in a website called Follow Up Boss where she often communicates with her customers in matters to do with real estate.For more info visit Yelp.

A Review of Jose Borghi’s Incredible Ad Career

Advertising is one of the most realistic strategies for reaching your target audience. Jose Henrique ranks among the most prolific and successful advertising executives in Brazil. He heads Mullen Lowe Brasil, a prominent ad agency that is credited for being behind some of the most enchanting ad campaigns. Its most memorable ad campaign is Mammals Parmalat, which featured children posing while dressed up like stuffed animals. The ad’s objective was to raise public awareness concerning wildlife conservation.

Borghi’s Career

Despite the insurmountable success that José Henrique Borghi has had, he initially never thought of pursuing a career in advertising. His turning point came after he accompanied his older sister to a performance theater to watch a presentation. He was captivated and decided that he was going to work in the ad industry.Borghi’s growing interest in advertisement saw him join PUC Campinas where he honed his skills. After completing his studies in 1989, the Presidente Prudente native joined Standard Ogilvy where he was employed as an ad creator. He impressed his bosses within the first few months, something that saw him scale the corporate ladder rapidly. He similarly had stints at Talent, Leo Burnett, DM9/DDB, FBB, and other notable ad agencies.

Mullen Lowe Brasil

After garnering enough experience, Jose Borghi chose to venture into entrepreneurship in 2006 after partnering with Erh Ray. This partnership gave rise to Borghi Lowe. Despite starting with zero capital, he was zealous in his efforts to transform the startup into a dominant force. This commitment saw the company grow rapidly since it mainly targeted the middle-segment market, which Borghi realized was largely ignored by other agencies.To attain a global outlook, Borghi Lowe recently joined forces with Mullen Group to form Mullen Lowe Brasil. Jose is the company’s co-CEO. Under his leadership, the company is already undertaking ad campaigns on behalf of prominent corporations including Delta Airlines and American Express.

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Felipe Montoro Jens – Using Business Skills to Change Brazil

In a bid to benefit basic sanitation service in the country (Brazil), then concessions must be generated involving partnerships with the agencies in place. This is in line to Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens who is a specialist in infrastructure projects. As per the situation in Brazil, 90% of its services in basic sanitation is performed by the public power. Of this, 70% is served by the state organizations. Therefore there is need for government bodies to be in partnership with private companies to work complementary to serve the people of Brazil through what we call a Concession. Felipe Montoro believes that the situation in Brazil requires help of private enterprises to improve basic sanitation because private enterprises have more resources to tackle the issue and that they also have an advanced technology which is crucial for water management in the country.


Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens who received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Getulio Vargas Foundation and a graduate degree International Management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management has served and is serving many positions within his line of profession and duty. Among the many positions held include: he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Energipar Captação S.A; he served as Director of Santo Antônio Energia S.A; he served as a Director of Braskem S.A. from April 30, 2010 to August 27, 2013; He served as Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A.and Mr. Montoro also currently serves as the Chairman of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A.


The 46 year old businessman has also worked at Terna S.p.A. (Enel Group S.p.A.) in the project development and structured finance area; in the international structured finance division and PricewaterhouseCoopers in the auditing and consulting divisions. He is also on the Board of Directors for various companies.

Bold And Unicorn With Lime Crime

Bold hair colors are in style along with anything and everything unicorn related. Combining the two is a winning situation for everyone. Lime Crime spent three years working and perfecting new semi permanent hair color.


The unicorn hair comes in many different colors and costs $16 for one of these amazing jars. The colors are bold and you can mix and match them to make your own style. They have full coverage colors that are more intense and they have tints that won’t draw as much attention.


The unicorn hair won’t damage your hair. They made it with all natural and gentle ingredients. They do say that to get the best color from your unicorn hair color, you should bleach your hair to a lighter shade. It is recommended that you use a professional to help with that part so you don’t damage your hair.


This company is working on making samples so people can try the product and colors before committing to a whole jar. They say that the color won’t transfer or stain your clothing. The more intense color might transfer just a bit, however with a couple of washes that will stop.


As with all Lime Crime products, the unicorn hair is a vegan product. It contains no ammonia, peroxide, or bleach. These colors are safe to mix and create new colors! Lime Crime has bold colors in other products as well such as lipstick and eye shadow.


Your new unicorn look will make a bold statement with these products. Color a few strands or color your whole head. Once you try one color, you may want to try the rest of the colors they have to offer or mix them to make a color of your own! Go crazy with colors and embrace your inner unicorn!

Leading Public Figures Share their Opinions on How to Improve Basic Sanitation in Brazil

The problem of hygiene and sanitation has become a national problem in Brazil, and it is because of this reason, the government has announced collaboration with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development. With the help of the partnership, the government would be able to provide concessions on projects related to sanitation and hygiene and address the problem on a wider scale across the country. The new partnership would help the government to ensure that the financial resources are used in the process, and the entire process is streamlined to get better results, much more quickly.


Tata Brasil, one of the largest companies in Brazil in the sanitation sector, owned and headed by Edison Carlson, recently shared his view on this issue. One of the most widely respected infrastructure specialists, Felipe Montoro Jens, was also asked in an interview about his views on how to tackle the growing sanitation related problem in the country. Both the public figures were of opinions that part of the entire management of sanitation in the country, the 90 percent of which is presently managed by the public sector should be handed over to the private entities.


Felipe Montero Jens said that it would help the public sector to share its vast experience with the private companies, while public limited companies would be able to get access to the advanced technology and methods used by the private firms. Overall, it would help in getting the problem of sanitation, water, and waste management solved in due course.


Felipe Montoro Jens is the CEO of Energipar Captacao SA and has served as the chief executive officer of three different firms as well during his lifetime. Felipe Montoro Jens has done his graduation from the reputed Getulio Vargas Foundation and went on to study Masters in Business Administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Reliable Municipality Management Through E-Governe

E-governe is a conglomeration of companies that keep an array of e-government systems. E-governance systems are made up of e-governance solutions that are modern, modular, and intelligent and providing the best services among public administration bodies.

E-governe companies possess attributes such as competence and creativity so as to make them capable of achieving their objectives. They also use state of the art technology in rendering services to their clients.

E-governe system tools were implemented in the municipality of Teresina therefore, servers of various organs needed to be trained on the use of the tools. Prodater Miguel Oliveira pointed out that, so to ensure optimization of the services offered by e-governe, there was a need to have meetings with representatives from the municipal finance department, municipal health foundation, and municipal education departments.

The city hall in Teresina intended to expand the e-government system with the aim of improving services to the public. The mayor of the city; Silvio Mendes considered full functioning of the e-government system as very important due to its importance in speeding response to population demands, identifying problems and monitoring the services provided by the municipality.

One of the important e-governe systems is the e-government health help that helps in the efficient management of the municipal and health of state secretariats. This has made the work simple and economical for the public administration of the municipality.

E-government health has helped in integrating healthcare units, health sectors, clinics and dental chart in the municipality. This has enabled scheduling of appointments and organizing the professionals’ and schedules to the benefit of patients and other clients. This has helped in eliminating service queues. It has also and brought quality services delivered to the public.

E-government health has helped in controlling the distribution of medicine stocks from pharmacies, vaccines application, and schedule of specialized examinations and consultations. The e-government system has also helped in performing bed control and ambulatory. It has also helped in the management of financial resources.

Governments that have adopted any of the e-governe systems have benefited in ways like regionalizing attendance and controlling the flow of patients from other municipalities. These municipalities have been helped in the efficient management of their finances, improved their work process, and controlled patients flow between health units. The system has also enabled the municipalities to structure programs of continuous attention to health.

Several municipalities such as São Paulo have been using the e-governe system. São Paulo is implementing e-governe school management system. This system is also used in Teresina. E-government education ensures integrity, security of information and uniqueness. School management reports are also issued at the right time. Reports are also shared through the internet, so there is no reworking or double working. The administration level at school can monitor security and ensure that units’ demands are met on time through the system as well.

Osasco is a city in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The municipality of this city has recorded impessive progress socially. That has been the case thanks to E-governe and e-commerce that are highly used in this city with the largest e-commerce commerce of Brazil located here.

Flavio Maluf Claims Millennials are Relevant

If you believe that New Year is also synonymous with new life and you want to bet on the business of entrepreneurship, then the first step is to do market research and stay tuned to business trends for 2017. Thinking about it, Eucatex CEO, The businessman and executive Flavio Maluf, reports a list published by the American magazine Inc, indicating some of the best sectors for those who want to check it.


Technological innovations


Technology is used in business everywhere for almost everything. There is a functional application for this use of technology. Flavio Maluf reports that according to the list published by Inc, investing in the creation of tools and platforms that can make administration and disclosure of the business simpler and more practical can yield good results for 2017.




Giving some attention and importance to what young people are interested in is a good way to go. According to the magazine’s publication, they are the new consumers of the “Millennial” generation and can not be rejected. On the contrary, they need to be seen as potential customers. This means understanding the way they think in order to create products that please them.


Remote Work


Literally, remote work means working from a distance. They can be the famous home offices, like any work that is done away from the headquarters of the company. The fact is that the practice has been increasingly recurrent and, according to the list, companies capable of offering efficient services for the training of employees who work far from their companies are expected to grow this year – says entrepreneur Flavio Maluf.


Health and Nutrition Area


More than any other generation, this one of the present day is the one that most concerns itself with the health, the beauty, the measures, and the body in general. Because of this, a sector that tends to grow is that of fitness tools for smartphones. The technology provides the creation of several applications capable of measuring calories, making nutritional records and keeping up with good eating and sports habits.

Follow The Leader Named Igor Cornleson

With the stock market being one of the most difficult trades to learn, it remains noteworthy to come across someone who knows how to trade stocks. This remains attributed to the fact that stocks involve a lot of speculative information. However, the benefits remain fruitful for the people willing to engage in such high-risk investing. With that being said, Igor Cornelsen remains a prominent figure in the investment community. Moreover, Igor possesses years of expertise and has demonstrated his “know how” of trading stocks.


As a result, numerous investors seek advice from Igor Cornelsen. Fortunately for them, he remains a friendly and outgoing personality. Moreover, he specializes in advising people about making long-term Investments. Furthermore, he encourages them to shy away from investing in damaged companies and focus their efforts on damaged stocks. This remains attributed to the fact that such stock opportunities remain affordable. In addition, they give investors an increased level of security. For those unaware, most investors make money when they follow his advice. Currently, Cornelsen serves as the proprietor of a company called Bainbridge. In addition, he spends a substantial amount of time in South Florida. Upon holding such high-ranking positions, Cornelsen considers investing as a hobby rather than as a profession.


Regardless of a person’s investment needs, Cornelson has them covered. Moreover, he possesses a wealth of knowledge pertaining to investing in commodities. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated his superior level of leadership for various companies. Therefore, few people possess a similar banking acumen as Igor Cornelsen. In comparison to other countries, Brazil continues to “weather the storm.” On an annual basis, Brazil’s banking community continue to thrive. Moreover, they continue to experience an immense amount of growth. According to Cornelsen, this remains attributed to Brazil’s knowledge of the market and learning from their past mistakes. In particular, Brazilian bankers in the private sector lend exclusively to borrowers with favorable credit. As a result, this gives banks a heightened sense of security and keeps costs down. Another reason why Brazil remains a world power remains attributed to its natural resources and ongoing infrastructure developments.