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Service Delivery Expansion of Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a reputable firm which deals with lingerie and luxury bedroom items. It is dedicated to the consumers with lingerie and bedroom toys which inject the pleasure parlour required. The products also increase sensuality in the bedroom. The women are empowered and entertained by the firm through the provision of items which meet their needs. The customers can choose from the variety of products which are in the storeys. The services provision is convenient, and the customers who make orders of more $50 get a free delivery of the products. The firm has been opening its branches in the main cities since it was in 2006.
The founder of Honey Birdette Eloise Monaghan has launched an e-commerce site in the US. The firm was founded in 2006 in Australia, and it has 55 stores in the country. The entrepreneur also aims at increasing the number of stalls in the UK from 3 to 40 by the year 2018.The launching of the US site was instigated by an increase of 374 percent in US online sales in a period of 12 months. The US site will provide improved customer service delivery. The orders of more than $50 will be delivered to the consumers for free. The US customers will also get easier returns and an opportunity to choose from a variety of products.
Honey Birdette will open the retails stores in various parts of the US to improve its convenience to the customers. The ideas follow the store first store opened in London’s Covent Garden and the ones opened in Leeds’ Victoria Gate and Westfield White City. The firm will soon open 10 stores in the US as it aims at attaining 40 stores next year. The premium label goes for about £35 and bras sells at about £60.The brand receives backing from BBRC which is a private investment.

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Bruce Bent II is a celebrated Money Market Pioneer

Bruce Bent II is currently the leader of Double Rock Corporation. The company leads as having the most efficient financial technology, and it offers innovative cash management solutions to brokers, banks, qualified persons, and retail markets. Bruce Bent II is also a senior executive officer of the subsidiaries and affiliated companies owned by the Double Rock’s. He has extensive knowledge and understanding of various financial elements including money market funds. His father, Bruce Bent, was a real mentor to him and he helped him develop his success path. His father was the first inventor of the money market fund. Bruce graduated from Northern University with a Bachelor’s degree.

Bruce Bent II is also considered as a pacesetter in the cash management and retirement service business. This is because he has been able to mold some of the most influential products and technologies in the financial service. He has filed for patents to protect several inventions through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Throughout his career, he has always asserted on the importance of money market funds to the investors. Through the money market fund, investors can invest their funds and access assets equivalent to cash with low risk, no loads, and fees charges. Bruce Bent II has an experience of over two decades in the field of financial services, and thus, he has a tremendous experience and valuable contacts with banking and financial services.

Apart from being a specialist in financial service and on matters concerning financial service patent, Mr. Bruce also has an established status as a recognized pioneer in the field of financial money market. He has been mutual funds and a financial services patent consultant for years. He is very passionate about cash management and firmly believes that technology can be used to deliver products more efficiently to different markets. He also enjoys listening to new ideas and always pays special attention to innovators and entrepreneurs of various walks of life. He is a strong leader and a creative strategist who is growth oriented. His primary interest is to transform the landscape of the financial market.

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Honey Birdette Launches the New York Collection

For over a decade, Honey Birdette had the reputation for being Australia’s first sensual boutique. They offer a wide array of toys for him and her, bondage items and more. The company ships globally and has been known for their high-end products that deliver pleasure in and out of the bedroom.

Lingerie has been an offering for years. Honey Birdette has recently added a New York Collection, which has captured the eyes of many. Various lines are found within the collection, each featuring the name of a woman.

Miss D is a line that shows a sexy, dominatrix-style look with suspender sets. Brittney shows off a fun and sexy line that is in black and purple. Luna offers a lot of lace, including a beautiful ivory color that adds a touch of innocence. Finally, there’s Alex, which offers up black satin and a touch of metal for a look of bondage.

The New York Collection was launched with a campaign that is set in New York City. Taxi cabs, skyscrapers and more play a role in the branding. The women take over the city as they run around in the scantily clad lingerie, looking their very best.

The designs are meant to show off curves and offer a sensual look. It’s true to the Honey Birdette name, which has always been synonymous with sophistication, class and luxury.

Customers who have shopped Honey Birdette in the past are excited about the New York Collection. The photos of the collection are a must-see and the campaign video will give everyone more insight into what to expect.

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How successful is Success Academy in improving education?

If you are involved in the New York City education system, you have probably heard of Success Academy. A charter school network with 41 schools currently in its system, and serving more than 14,000 students.


What you may not know is why Success Academy was founded and how successful it has been since it came into existence in 2006.


Why was Success Academy founded — Founder and CEO Eva Moskowitz started Success Academy after being involved in the New York City education system for many years, and seeing first-hand how low-income children and children of color are so often left behind.


Not because of any failings on their part, but on the failings of New York City school districts.


So Moskowitz started Success Academy in an attempt to improve education for some of the city’s children, and to specifically target those children nobody else is trying to help.


How successful is Success Academy? — The organization is now responsible for 41 charter schools in the New York City area. These schools accept children from all over New York, with a random lottery deciding which children will be accepted every year.


Each Success Academy school concentrates on providing a free, high-quality education for all its students, as well as on advocating for a change in educational laws so more children get the same advantages.


Almost 93 percent of the children accepted at Success Academy schools are children of color, and the majority are from low income families. Some also have special needs.


All of these children are given an education that includes not only instruction in the typical core subjects, but also critical thinking skills so they are equipped to excel.


Last year, every one of the organization’s elementary and middle schools were in the 90th percentile of schools in New York state in a variety of subjects, including both English and math.


So successful is the network in teaching the children in it, other charter schools around the country are now looking to it for leadership and help.


Founder Eva Moskowitz now says her goal is to serve 50,000 New York City students in the next few years.


NuoDB: For Innovative Database Development and Marketing

NuoDB Inc. is a database company that is elastic SQL compliant for cloud applications. The company started its operations in 2008 as NimbusDB in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the time, its co-founders who included Barry S. Morris, Jim Starkey, and Bob Walmsley were running the company. Since then, NuoDB has grown to a staff of over 85 members, with Bob Walmsley heading them as the CEO.

Its Uniqueness

NuoDB Inc. develops NuoDB database that is unique from the traditional SQL databases. NuoDB has more developed features that support cloud computing and applications through its administrative and transactional rows. Other special features of NuoDB include the atoms software, elastic cloud style, and the multi-version concurrency control (MVCC) among others. The database is developed and marketed in different versions, such as NuoDB 1.0 version of 2013 and the most recent NuoDB 2.0.3 version.

NuoDB’s Milestones

Masterminded by one of the greatest database experts, NuoDB acquired its first patent within a less than two years. The patent that was issued by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, and was then followed by several others, with five of them expected in the few years. In 2015, the company was in the list of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Visionary database managers.

Senior Notes issued Raised to the sum of $155 Million

Nexbank is an investment bank that has been around for the past century. They have been involved in a series of initiatives over the years, all with the aim of ensuring that their clients get the benefits that they aim to when approaching the institution. Recently, they came up with the idea of getting senior unsecured notes to their customers and they have issued close to $155 in notes issued.

The management of the bank has stated that the notes will mature by the 16th of March in 2026; however, they will be callable by the March of 2021. The deal has been organized in such a manner that the interest they will bear for the first five years will be at a rate of 5.5 percentage points. After the first five years, these rates will be spread on a 3 month LIBOR of 435.5 basis points. The better business bureau took their time to rate the service and stated that it is commendable. The Kroll Bond rating agency and has been approved as a great investment vehicle.

The main reason the bank decided to create the investment is to cover some of the debt issues that have been affecting them over the past few months. The remainder of the money from the deal will be used for several other corporate reasons. The deal was brokered by Sandler O’Neil and Partners Law Firm. The transaction was seen as one of the most crucial moves for the bank as it will help them make their balance sheet more stable and also get the needed capital to expand. John Holt, the COO stated that the move was a great point in the history of the bank as it would carve out a great future for them.

About Nexbank

The bank has been around since 1912. They do commercial, mortgage and educational banking among other types.


Flocku’s CEO advice on how to be a good manager

The managerial experience that Josh Verne has gathered for over 20 years in business is unmatched. Having led numerous companies to success, he shares how a manager can turn out the same way.

– Great managers are leaders, not bosses. Distinguishing between the two is key. A boss demands to be respected. He doesn’t interact with his staff often, and also doesn’t work towards a collective goal, but rather uses the position to accomplish his own goals. A leader is different, in that, he earns the respect of his staff. A leader knows what the goals of the team are, and works together with the team to accomplish them.

– Those who have succeeded in their managing positions have one thing in common. They listen more than they talk. Listening is a skill not everyone has, and that is crucial for every manager. Furthermore, those who try to speak few words always appear more influential and authoritative.

Balancing one’s life is another crucial aspect. You can’t be considered successful if the business is the only thing you are managing well, forgetting to work on your relationship, health, and other such factors.

– As a manager, you don’t want to wake up every morning to go and do something you don’t like. This will take its toll on you. Passion is key. Never run into something you aren’t passionate about. If you find out that you don’t like what you are doing, it may be high time you dump it and get something better to do.

– It is the mark of a great leader to ensure that every action they take is a win-win. This not only keeps the employees motivated, but also skyrockets your reputation.

About Josh Verne

Josh Verne started his business career by working for Home Live Furniture, a firm that deals with furniture distribution. It is after this that he opted to start his own company,, an e-commerce website dedicated to enabling those with payrolls make huge purchases, with the amounts being deducted from their payrolls. flourished, and the entrepreneur sold it to Google analytics, before he founded two years later.

With, Verne aims at making the lives of college students convenient, by enabling them to easily share information through peer-to-peer connections. The online platform also provides an avenue through which students can market. Latest information about events and ongoings in different campuses can also be found on

Markus Rothkranz Brings You Epic Weight Loss

In this dramatic, yetultimately hopeful, video, Markus Rothkranz discusses the ramifications and the solution to one of the strangest problems of the times. Strange, because it’s the first time in history that more people are dying of too much food rather than from starvation.

And it’s not just about weight in the obvious sense. He points out that some “skinny” people are fat on the inside, where they are unhealthy. Eating less and exercising more helps, but is not the total solution.

Eating modern processed food, although it’s high in calories, is a form of self-starvation because it has almost no nutrition. And the situation is not all about calories. 150 calories from almonds is not the same as 150 calories from bread. There’s no magic. What you eat is more important than how much.

He points out that weighing too much is not just about food, either. The body puts on fat for a constructive reason. It’s using fat to shield people from something toxic. That can be bad food, but it can also be emotional and mental traumas and stress. Stress creates cortisol, which leads to fat. The thyroid gland releases hormones to regulate body weight, but when people become overloaded, that makes the thyroid gland sluggish.

Rothkranz highly advocates eating raw foods. Avoid junk food and anything that’s been boiled, fried, roasted or microwaved. Don’t eat grains and starches such as wheat, rice and potatoes. Starch is a carbohydrate. Once consumed, it turns into sugar, which the body stores as fat. He advises people eat oranges, but points out that orange juice, which has no fiber, has as much sugar as commercial soda.

The real enemy is not fat, but sugar. He advocates eating good fats, such as nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil and coconut oil. People need good fats. Low fat diets are dangerous. However, avoid fried foods, vegetable oils and heated oils. Commercial food companies remove fat from food, then add fat because food without fat tastes flat. But sugar is more unhealthy than fat.

Rothkranz points out a lot of common misunderstandings. The commercial food industry actively tries to suppress this information. Everybody who wishes to stay, or become, healthy, needs to learn this information.

Chili’s Waiter Spits In Soda

Ken Yerdon and his wife dined at a local Chili’s, but apparently rubbed their waiter the wrong way by requesting beverage refills. The Chili’s waiter, Gregory Lamica, retaliated by spitting in their drinks.

According to Ken Yerdon, Lamica appeared peeved after the couple pointed out their broccoli was under cooked, and they hadn’t received any chips. The restaurant was busy, and the couple say they were patient, but they could tell Lamica was annoyed.

Before leaving Chili’s, the couple requested a refill, but received empty Styrofoam cups, so they pointed out that their current drinks were nearly empty.

Lamica retreated to the back and returned soon after with the cups according to James Dondero.

While driving, a lid popped off and Ken Yerdon noticed the spit.

State police were called, Lamica’s mouth swabbed, the soda tested, and the state police crime lab returned a match.

Lamica pleaded guilty, received probation and paid a fine of $125.

The Yerdons are suing Chili’s restaurant.

Pete Loses Super Bowl


The Seattle Seahawks were up by ten points half way through the fourth quarter in the Super Bowl this weekend against the New England Patriots and looked like they were going to run away with the game and take the second title back to Seattle in two years. However, speculated cheater Tom Brady and the New England Patriots had different ideas and took their team down the field on successive drives late in the fourth quarter to give them a four point lead on the Seahawks. Seattle got the ball back with enough time to get down the field and all of their timeouts and Russell Wilson started off the drive by chucking a thirty-one yard pass to Marshawn Lynch, putting them into New England territory. According to Tech Cruch, they drove down inside the five yard line very quickly and were set up with timeouts and a first down on the goal line.  That way no one could be saying what they are today about how Carroll lost the game with a bad call, but in his mind he probably thought that the Patriots expected him to run it and he was going to catch them off guard with a quick pass on the goal line.