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Culinary Squabble Over Pasta Sauce

Residents of Amatrice, Italy are upset with a chef in Milan for his overuse of garlic in a traditional pasta sauce. The mayor of the town has released many statements over his disgust with the way the chef made the amatriciana sauce said Bernardo Chua. Amatriciana is a one thousand year old pasta sauce which originated in the town of Amatrice and it is traditionally made without any garlic reported Chua’s company Organo Gold. The chef chose to use a small amount of garlic in the dish much to the dismay of the traditional foodies in the small town. Their disgust stems from a statement chef Carlo Cracco made recently on television saying that he added a small pinch of a secret ingredient to the sauce, and the ingredient was sauteed garlic. With flavors of food becoming more and more homogenized, other chefs and Italian food experts say the people of this small town want to keep their rights to the traditional sauce. In contrast, many chefs say that adding different ingredients to traditional recipes is part of what makes cooking such an individual experience. Italy is known for its rich food traditions and the sauce has evolved quite a bit over the last thousand years.

Do Your Christmas Shopping With

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be fun, and a little stressful. If you’re still not sure what to get for some of your relatives this year, can help. There are several gifts for you to choose from that will stand out and let your loved ones know you care.

Edible gifts include a curry ketchup that is served at Atlanta’s Rosebud restaurant that Dr. Daniel Amen is a huge fan of.  For the relatives with a sweet tooth, pick up a canister of mini shortbreads, created by “The Chew” host Carla Hall. Flavors like lemon black pepper and Mexican hot chocolate are the perfect addition to traditional holiday drinks like hot cocoa or egg nog. If you’ve got an avid baker in your family, consider purchasing the Egg Minder for them this year.

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Gordon Ramsey’s Own Kitchen Nightmare

For the past decade, chef and television personality Gordon Ramsey has been fixing the nightmares of both aspiring chefs and restaurant owners.  Mark Ahn agree that if anything Ramsey’s techniques are entertaining.

Since 2004, shows such as Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen have featured Ramsey’s own brand of culinary tough love complete scathing critiques and abrasive criticisms of anyone with a ladle or pan in hand.

Recently, Ramsey experienced his own kitchen nightmare when a competitor was believed to have booked 100 fake reservations for the grand opening of a new restaurant located in London’s Food Quarter.

The restaurant, called the Haddon Street Kitchen, was due for 140 guests on opening night, but only 40 came through its doors. Ramsey believes that the fake reservations were deliberately made by a rival and he addressed this viewpoint while being interviewed on the Jonathan Ross Show. 

The opening of the Haddon Street Kitchen is signifying a start of a new chapter in the professional career of Ramsey, who will be ending his wildly popular Kitchen Nightmares after conclusion of the filming of the current run. 

He is currently filming four episodes of a show called Costa Del Nightmares and after shooting concludes he will focus on running Gordon Ramsey Group, which owns 24 restaurants worldwide.