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Look Sharp With Trending Shoes

Times have changed. Today’s man wants to look stylish and smart. From great haircuts (gone are the days of barber shops)to well-fitted suits and yes, even to the tips of their toes, these men want to look great.

The Paul Evans owners understand the need for quality shoes that look great. With that in mind, owners scoured Italy. They looked for craftsmen who had been in the business of italian shoes for generations. These craftsmen have had techniques and traditions drilled in from childhood.

Paul Evans knew that only the best materials would do for these craftsmen. Their calf-hide leather is lovingly shaped and molded into trending styles that men will love. Monk straps, driving shoes, and boots, Paul Evans shoes are designed in New York and made in Naples, Italy.

For instance, men can slip into a pair of Van Damme Belgian Loafers. Painted by hand, with matching leather soles, these comfortable and classy shoes will polish off any outfit.

This year, Chelsea boots are paired with slim suits and skinny jeans. They replace the boring black shoes with a little style to compliment the fitted look that is so popular this season.

High-top sneakers are a hit this season. But they are not the old Adidas sitting in your attic. These sneakers are leather and suede and come in neutral tones or colors. Go for a neutral tone to pair with casual workplace outfits. Or, try some colors for a splash to those weekend relaxed clothes.

Suede is very popular this autumn. A warm, comfortable look, low-top sneakers pair nicely with a great sweater and jeans. These shoes are also great for walking about town or meeting with the guys.

Wing-tip suede shoes in colors like blue and gold are very popular. These shoes are perfect for the business atmosphere. They show style and still maintain that classy look. The colors are a great way to mix up your styles, daring you to come out of the black and brown closet and try something with some pop. A splash of color can make a huge difference.

Remember, this season is classic style with new suedes, new colors and remakes of old favorites like high-tops. Try a whole new look, or blend in a few of these trends.