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The journeys of Doug Levitt to bring out the Greyhound Diaries

The Greyhound Diaries is an eight-year project undertaken by singer and songwriter, Doug Levit. He traveled for thousands of miles talking to fellow travelers and strangers across America. He started the famous Greyhound Diaries in 2004 after he traveled by the Greyhound bus for six weeks. He has frequently stated that he was motivated by the stories he listened on the bus. From that time henceforth, he has always wanted to share the stories to different parts of the United States.


Levitt’s strategy was sharing his life story and encouraging others to do the same. He revealed his story to those that were on the bus, and they were able to share their life stories. He mostly interacted with the struggling American lower class. After hearing their stories, he wanted to share every bit to the entire world. He has achieved this through writing, singing, taking photographs, and holding events.


He chose the Greyhound because it is the common means of transport for the poor. The poor Americans usually have no alternative transport means and are forced to travel by bus. The Greyhound Diaries describes most of the experiences. The project is a historical replica by famous artists hired by the government to document people’s hardships. The Greyhound Diaries is like one of those programs. The difference is that Doug Levitt financed himself throughout the entire project.


Doug Levitt is the voice of the poor and less fortunate people in the United States. He has seen and heard how those that are disadvantaged are treated. He has strived to ensure that this group gets enough attention. The Greyhound Diaries is a book filled with several stories. The book will show that not every is lucky. It will inspire sympathy for people that face difficult and challenging circumstances. Doug hopes that the book is going to inspire a change in the lifestyle of Americans.


Doug Levitt has traveled on the Greyhound bus for many years now. He has gone on the bus where other airline carriers could never go. He has experienced the urban, rural, and suburban parts of the United States.