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Eric Pulier’s contribution in the Technological Advancement and Growth

Judging from his early life and educational background, Eric Pulier was destined to greater success in life. He was born in New Jersey, United States of America and later proceeded to Harvard University. His intelligence was also proven when he was still in high school when he developed interest in computer programming making him a guru in that field. At Harvard University, his interest surpassed many people when he became a writer for The Harvard Crimson. This was a newspaper publication for the Harvard University. He pushed on till he graduated and was later made the editor of the same publication. Eric Pulier has diversified his skills and undertakes in different fields.

He is a very an accomplished and recognized author, philanthropist, public speaker, technologist and entrepreneur. This have been the basis of his continued success in the career development. As such, he has participated in the formation of many technological companies across the world which have subsequently succeeded. In his book titled Understanding Enterprise, he outlines the importance of coming up with ideas and acquiring the desired expertise to achieve the intended goals. The book talks about encouraging young and upcoming technologist to put their expertise in enterprises that will benefit them in the long run.

In 1991, Eric Pulier established a company called people doing things which became successful over the years. The key principle of the company was to address healthcare and educational problem in a technological way. This evolved to be ineffective way of handling issues as children who were suffering from chronic diseases found a platform to air their views. These achievements have added a credibility to Eric Pulier and has been involved in many humanitarian activities. As a public speaker, he has traversed the entire world giving talks in conferences and trainings. His love for the general public and the people at large has seen him give to the society through philanthropic acts. He has donated towards The Painted Turtle, this is an organization taking care of children living with chronic diseases. As such, he has left a positive impact to many people across the globe.


Slyce it Up!

Slyce is a new innovative application that lets you search visually instead of typing words. One of the co-founder is Cameron Chell. Have you ever been out in public and see someone else with a product that you wonder what it is or where they got it from? Well Slyce is the app for you. Now with just a simple snap of a picture, Slyce will search its broad data base and find the product information for you. One of the main products that Slyce is used for is retail and fashion items. Companies use visual search start-ups to help their customers find products online. With just a simple inquiry from their website, commerce businesses can get their business on Slyce if they think Slyce would be a good fit for their customers. Visual search engines are becoming the new search avenue of the future. You will never have to ask a stranger where they bought something again.

There are 3 ways to use the Slyce application. The first way is the barcode or QR Code. Scan the barcode of a product and it will search and bring up the information on that product. The second way is the 2D mode. 2D mode uses the images metadata to find a 1:1 match of the product. The third way is 3D mode. In 3D mode Slyce uses more information from the photograph such as color, texture, pattern, style, and other unique features to find the product. It is a very user friendly application that is easy to use even for those that aren’t that tech savvy.