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The Sweet Truth About Sugar Substitutes

The more health conscious the world becomes, the more people seek out alternatives to sugary, greasy and fatty foods and beverages. Perhaps one of the most sought out substitutes is artificial sweeteners, many unwilling to completely neglect their sweet tooth while striving for a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, many sweeteners come with countless reports claiming to link these substitutes with serious, and sometimes deadly, medical conditions says psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen. So does this mean artificial sweeteners are not a healthier alternative? Actually, reality is far sweeter than fiction in this case.

Sweet is actually key when it comes to sweeteners, most sugar substitutes chosen because they are indeed extremely sweet, but come with the added benefit of zero calories. In short, according to HealthMad, people use less artificial sweetener to achieve the same sugary flavor without the weight gain. The problem is the myths and misconceptions surrounding them, but the truth is out there – at least for the most common sugar substitutes used.

Admittedly, only a few sweeteners have actually undergone in-depth studies. However, the results of those tests speak volumes to the benefits of sugar substitutes. In fact, Aspartame, Acesulfame-K (Ace-k) and Sucralose are indeed safe for human consumption. Saccharin, on the other hand, has earned its bad reputation, the sweetener coming with some serious side effects. In short, most people can safely cut calories and lose weight without giving up the sweet things in life.