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The Veggie Burger Conundrum

Those of us who love burgers probably squirm at the thought of eating a veggie burger. let’s be honest, they usually taste awful, don’t digest well, and make us feel like less of a food connoisseur. Put that aside for a second though and ask yourself; is it even possible to make a decent veggie burger? And if it is, would I be willing to give it a fair shot?
What do we want in a veggie burger? Sam Tabar knows well that we obviously want it to be tender, remind us slightly of a real burger, but also be somewhat healthy since we’re foregoing actual beef. A recent article which can be found here went to two storied veggie burger Mecca’s in order to determine this very question. The two restaurants in the running were wastED burger and Superiority Burger.
The review goes on to say that for those with any doubt, these two establishments are the best chance of changing your mind. They put real effort, heart, and dedication into making a universally appealing veggie burger. Both even created the patties to look like real beef through the use of kale and beet juice. If you have any doubts about the ability of veggie burgers, click on the article here and see if these two restaurants can’t change your mind.