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Andy Wirth Looks To The Future After Skydiving Accident

Andy Wirth is loved throughout the Squaw Valley Ski Resort for his hands on management approach that has seen him become a popular figure throughout the resort. Life now seems to be getting back to normal for Wirth after the German born tourism expert was left with his life hanging by a thread after a freak skydiving accident severed his arm and in a dangerous situation; Andy Wirth would use his previous training as a ranger to keep himself alive and looking forward to the future.

In his profile, the road to recovery for Andy Wirth has not been short or easy, particularly since he was left seeking new ways of returning to his normal life just three months after his accident happened.

Andy Wirth has recently been looking to raise money for Navy Seal’s left injured after spending time in combat after being inspired by a group of military personnel he met who inspired him to work hard to get back to his regular life –

A fierce iron man competitor in the past, Andy Wirth has since returned to competition as a participant in certain parts of the triathlons held at Squaw Valley and elsewhere.

A KCRW reported says that throughout his career Andy Wirth has found success in whichever role he has filled and tried to live in an ethical and sustainable way.

The work and spare time of Andy Wirth are now spent trying to do what is best for the people of the Lake Tahoe region.

Wirth has been working with environmental groups to try and protect the local environment and spends his work time trying to find the best options for improving the business environment for everybody involved.

San Francisco Plans to Build Affordable Housing on Stadium Parking Lot

San Francisco has had a longtime reputation for its high cost of housing. In fact San Francisco, along with New York, are the most expensive places to live in the country. Recognizing the need for affordable housing, George Lucas came up with a brilliant and creative solution to the problem. Lucas is planning to use the 28-acre football stadium parking lot as a residential and commercial building site.

The proposal involves creating a new neighborhood containing 1500 residences. The new neighborhood which will be called Mission Rock will include a park and commercial enterprises such as a brewery as well as private residences. Flavio Maluf even suggests the new development will designate 1/3 of the new housing units as affordable housing which will be available for rent at reduced rates.

This new affordable housing project is a good idea. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. About 500 new and affordable housing units will be created, and the city will get rid of the eyesore of the parking lot and gain additional tax revenue. It is also a great use of valuable land resources. The football stadium parking lot is taking up a lot of prime real estate, and it is only used a few times a year. On the other hand, the homes built on that land will be used and enjoyed every day. Lucas should be commended for thinking outside of the box and bringing more affordable housing units to San Francisco.

New Zealand Reach Cricket World Cup Final

New Zealand appear to be the team of destiny in the 2015 Cricket World Cup as they pulled off a unlikely victory over South Africa to reach their first final, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Dramatic scenes saw rain interrupt play and the Duckworth Lewis method applied to the target given to New Zealand to win the Kiwi’s made the final with just one over to spare. South Africa’s innings was cut short by rain and New Zealand were given just 43 overs to reach a target of 298.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that the drama intensified as captain Brendan McCullum hit a 22 ball half century for New Zealand that would appear to have given his team an easy route to the final. South Africa fought back and left New Zealand needing 12 from the final over to reach their first ever final. South African bowler Dale Steyn began the over with a leg bye, which was followed by the bowler receiving treatment for cramp and New Zealand batsmen Daniel Vittori and Grant Elliott the chance to discuss how best to reach their target. Eventually, Elliott struck a towering six down the ground to secure victory with just one ball to spare. Elliott showed a large amount of sportsmanship in consoling Steyn during the celebrations that followed.

Pacquiao Has New Incentive To Win In Mega Match Versus Mayweather

You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the impending Mayweather versus Pacquiao boxing match taking place May 2, 2015. Fans like Sergio Cortes know that the duo has been talking trash to each other for several years since the initial match was cancelled. In fact, Mayweather has written several clauses into the match agreement that are clearly in his favor. One of those is in the event that he wins then there will never be a rematch between the two but if Pacquiao wins they will duke it out again. American boxing fans are largely split between each contender. One restaurant is so pro-Pacquiao that they have offered the boxer free meals for life if he wins the match. The Filipino restaurant placed only a few reasonable restrictions on their offer. Hopefully this may be new incentive for Pacqiao to take home the glory and hush naysayers.

The Dean Smith Tree

The Dean Smith coaching tree is a lengthy one. Smith was so highly thought of in UNC circles that his longtime assistant replaced him after he retired. Then the school hired an alumnus to coach the team. Then, the school hired another alumnus in Roy Williams.

Roy Williams was considered the best coach to never win a title all those years he spent at Kansas, and Larry Brown is by far one of the most successful coaches in pro and college basketball. Fans like Lee Slaughter know that Brown was so good that he took a team without a superstar to an NBA title and beat a team with four hall of famers on it.

The UNC tradition goes far beyond what Dean did on the court until he retired. Some people think he should have won more championships, but he did much more than win titles. He won the war of pride. He was able to create great coaches who treated people well, and Dean himself was a man of great character.