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Hippeas: Snacking Smart Made Simple

livio hippeas

Would you believe these puffs are HEALTHY?


A Guy Named Livio Bisterzo Wants You To Snack Healthy While Helping Planet And People, Spread The Word

I am always frustrated when I am hungry but don’t have time for a proper meal. You are bound to buy something you can get your hands on quickly and food products that you can get your hands on quickly are never healthy. Consider the candy bar, a bag of chips or worse, like a fast food burger.

I also don’t like voting. By voting, I mean with my money as a consumer. Every time I purchase unhealthy food, I support that product by voting for it with my money. That product gets to sustain its reign of unhealthy terror because of the money I put towards it. But all that has come to and end because of one simple, delicious little snack bag that I found in Starbucks the other day. It’s called Hippeas.

The name is a play on the old hippy movement of the 60’s. You can even see it in the brightly colored bag. But the idea is that it is a food that a hippy would buy because of its ingredients and how the company treats the planet. Meanwhile, the packaging is pretty hip. It’s covered in funny jokes and information about the company, making you well informed about what goes into the product.

It’s made out of chickpeas, but they look and kind of feel like cheese puffs or a piece of snack mix. They feel hearty in your mouth and the chickpea delivers four grams of protein per serving backed up by three grams of fiber. That means you get sustained energy like you’re eating actual food.

One the hippie side of things, the chickpea plant literally feeds the planet with nitrogen. The soil gets the nutrient as the plant grows. And Hippeas buys into this program called Farm Africa, which helps farmers learn sustainable farming techniques and business practices to help them make money. Everyone seems to be winning, including me.

I dug around a little and found this is the workings of an Italian entrepreneur named Livio Bisterzo. The guy has tons of history in the sustainable food business even though he is young, taking a juice and tea company global not too long ago. Before that, he brought a men’s grooming product named Kyoku to 28 countries.

But the cool thing about Livio Bisterzo is that he’s trying to change the world with his Hippeas. And if the word gets out, he’ll definitely do it. Please share.