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Disrupted Sleep Patterns May Lead To Additional Food Consumption

What makes individuals consistently consume food aside from the need for survival, has been debated for decades. A recent study, appearing in the Journal of Health Psychology contends that interrupted sleep cycles may possibly lead to increased food consumption, which in turn contributes to the onset of chronic disease in individuals.

The study delves into how interrupted sleep cycles influence an individual’s eating patterns. Though there is plenty of evidence that insufficient rest and relaxation from a night’s sleep has a definite impact on an individual’s capacity to fulfill their daily personal and employment obligations, but there is an insufficient amount of research on the impact interrupted sleep cycles has with regard to food choices.

“It is well recognized that food intake is implicated in many chronic health issues including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, and diet is often a target of treatment to prevent the onset of these conditions”, commented the researchers Alyssa Lundahl and Timothy D. Nelson of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in Lincoln, Nebraska. They further commented: “understanding the mechanisms linking disrupted sleep patterns to increased food intake is important for informing both prevention and treatment interventions for chronic health conditions.”

According to Kevin Seawright on twitter upon rising after a disrupted night of sleep, hormones that control appetite are affected, emotional stress is elevated, and the need to recoup lost energy, are all critical elements that influence the quantity of food that is consumed daily.