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Relax at a Lake Tahoe Resort for Your Next Ski Getaway

If you are searching for one of the best skiing experiences you’ve ever had, head to Lake Tahoe. The breathtaking scenery of the Sierra Mountains of Nevada and California are the perfect setting for skiing and snowboarding. Over 16 awesome resorts are awaiting your arrival, and you are guaranteed to have the winter getaway you always dreamed of.

Check out Alpine Meadows resort and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you. You won’t find the overdeveloped shopping and living areas some resorts offer, but instead the natural beauty of the mountains as nature intended. Alpine Meadows offers 13 different lifts and over 2.400 acres on which to try out your skills.

Squaw Valley, a neighbor to Alpine Meadows, is the second largest resort in Lake Tahoe Skiing, and one of the United States largest slopes. 30 chairlifts are offered here so you can check out some amazing trails. The 1960 Winter Olympics were hosted here, and for good reason. There are beginner areas as well as super intense runs for the pros. If you want to get the most spectacular view of the area, hop on the aerial tram for the ride of your life. The tram soars over 2,000 feet above the mountains while providing you with panoramic views of the majestic sierra mountains before you. Once arriving you will be 8,200 feet above everything. From here you can sit back and enjoy the magnificent landscape before you.

Lake Tahoe has been a popular destination for many years for winter sports, but it is also very popular in the warm weather as well. Visitors can hike by waterfalls, take a spin at the roller rink, or just relax in the beautiful pool or hot tub.

Winter however, is when the mountains burst with their beauty and beckon those who dare to challenge their slopes. Whether you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or want to try other snow-related sports, Tahoe has plenty to offer. Check out the sledding trails, hop on a snowmobile, go ice skating or relax on an adventurous sleigh ride. Or perhaps you are the type who loves to see the snow covered mountains from indoors? No problem. Tahoe’s resorts offer beautiful roomy lodges with comfy fireplaces and hot cocoa to sip while you gaze at the views from inside.

Whatever your preferences, you are sure to find what you seek at one of Lake Tahoe’s fantastic winter vacation resorts.