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Second Amendment Threatened By Gun List Proponents

A recent article appeared in the Daily Beast claiming that the Constitution merely protects one’s right to own firearms but not one’s right to keep others from knowing about it. The point was that, in the name of safety, a list of all owners of certain types of weapons ought be kept. Having such a list would supposedly help prevent school shootings like the one at Florida State University last week.

Sadly, these gun control sentiments came from the lips of a former Navy weapons instructor. We would have expected him to have known better. He even pitted “modest, common sense gun control measures” against caring about the life of kids.

The oddest part was when he mentioned that he himself owned guns and was willing to put himself on a government list for the sake of stopping the mass killings. Did it not occur to him that he would not be the one doing such shootings, and that, therefore, his presence on such a list would save no lives whatsoever? Did it not also occur to him that criminals would simply find ways to keep themselves off of the list? Finally, it also escaped his notice that a gun being on a registered list will not prevent someone from using it wrongfully, a point that Keith Mann feels continues to fall on deaf ears.