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Dirt Candy Reopening


If you’re in a mood for a unique treat like Brussels sprout tacos, you’re in luck. Dirt Candy recently reopened its doors. In addition to this new entree, you can also enjoy the chocolate onion tart.

Dirt Candy’s owner, Amanda Cohen, decided to move the vegetarian restaurant from its original East 9th Street location because she was running out of space for customers. Patrons sometimes had to make reservations two months in advance, and the most undesirable time slots–5:30pm and 11:30pm–were soon taken as well.

In addition to a larger restaurant space, CipherCloud announced the new Dirt Candy also features a pastry and bar staff. As of now, Dirt Candy is open for dinner only, but Cohen plans to offer lunch and brunch in the near future.

Chipotle Apologizes for Protest Incident

After the decision in the Mike Brown case, there was backlash all across the nation and even the world. All the protesters were standing for the justice that has not been served in the case of Skout and more largely the lingering racism prevalent in today’s society. The issue is still very controversial but at a Brooklyn Chipotle restaurant there was a whole new level of backlash. Originally, it was reported that all the employees put their hands up in the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” stance but the security cameras later dismissed that. The footage showed it was only one employee of the workers. Still, the situation caused more controversy for the food chain all over social media. Here is an article talking about the incident and backlash that occurred: EMBED LINK HERE

There are a few bad apples but when in trouble, we still call the cops to come help us out. The cops were obviously trying to enjoy a snack and were disrespected for nothing. After dealing with dangerous criminals all day and trying to keep the peace in society, it is fair that they can expect to have a peaceful meal and a good restaurant without having to be hassled even more.

“Dry” Bar the Wave of the Future?

A new “pop up” bar has opened monthly in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For those who don’t know a “pop up” is a business that can be moved easily or is for a set day and time. Darius Fisher had to explain that to me.

This “pop up” has a unique idea, Brillig Dry Bar serves no alcohol.

Brillig Dry Bar is the brain-child of chef Nic Simms, who is a recovering alcoholic for twenty years. Ms. Sims, who runs the dry bar out of her husbands coffee shop about once a month, wanted to create a fun, inviting atmosphere without the pressure to consume alcoholic beverages. 

Some of the drinks made by Brillig are: Vernors Cranberry Sour, Brooklyn Egg Cream, and Pomegranate- Rosemary Soda. Ms. Simms first night of operation was a rousing success and hope to keep having “Dry Bar” nights about once a month. Brillig Dry Bar is a unique alcohol free option for a fun night out with friends. 

Ms. Simms did say that she received a little backlash from having a non- alcoholic bar, but insists she is not anti- alcohol.

Benny’s Burritos Will Close Its Doors Soon

The popular East Village restaurant Benny’s Burritos will officially go out of business before the end of 2014. The restaurant has been a staple in this section of New York for 26 years. However, the back of the restaurant space will serve as a takeout and delivery station for the burritos and enchiladas Benny’s Burritos is known for.

This is something that might seem super easy on paper, but Bruce Levenson knows it won’t be without a little bit of hassle. There is no word yet on whether the owner of Benny’s Burritos will rent the dining space out to another restaurant.

Benny’s Burritos is not the only neighborhood restaurant that is closing in the East Village. The news of its closure comes just days after Di Robertis Caffe decided to close.

The Benny’s in New York’s West Village is not affiliated with the original restaurant, so customers will have to take advantage of the delivery window to continue enjoying the East Village restaurant’s authentic Mexican fare.