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Red Wine May Help You Lose Weight

Happy hour just a got a little bit happier, with a new study that suggests drinking red wine may aid in fat loss.

Already touted for its heart-healthy benefits, red wine is now being discovered as an effective agent against the formation of fat cells. The ingredients in the dark grape libation, including ellagic acid prove especially effective in hampering fat cell growth while boosting liver function. Even more good news, the helpful compounds aren’t exclusive to wine, but to dark grapes and their juice. Although showing positive results, the study did not find any indication that drinking wine could be an effective weight loss strategy. To lose weight, diet and exercise are still the best options.

This information gives people another reason to buy healthy, whole foods instead of boxed and processed fare says Brian Torchin in this article. Red grapes are fairly cheap, tasty, available almost anywhere, and come with additional health benefits. Maybe one day a study will come out praising nachos for their undiscovered nutritional advantages, but for now we’ll stick to merlot, in moderation of course.