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Contingencies Used By End Citizens United To Revolutionalize American Politics

End Citizens United is a political action committee (PAC) that came to birth in 2015. When it reaches election time, most candidates lack the money to finance their campaigns. Thus, End Citizens United is an organization started by donors so as to help fund the ambitions of a particular category of people, especially those aspiring politicians from poor backgrounds in the United States of America. It is an organization whose main agenda is to bring political representatives from minority groups to power so that the plight of underprivileged members of society can gain a fair hearing.


In recent years, politics in America has been dominated by the wealthy and mighty. Such dominance has come about since most billionaires in America have the wealth to control leaders of this great nation to do their bidding. As a result, it is the everyday citizens who end up suffering from policies that do not favor their interests. However, End Citizens United wants to make the above fact a thing of the past. It strives to achieve its mission of bringing more pro-reform candidates to a place of power, while at the same time diminishing the numbers of leaders with selfish means.


Before the just concluded American elections, End Citizens United had raised more than two million dollars from small-scale donors, finances that were used to furnish Democratic politicians interested in senate and house posts all over the nation. Also, it endorsed many candidates who it felt were qualified to carry on its mantle. By doing this even in current times, End Citizens United is planning to ward off cartels that have been running the political scene in the United States of America ever since the constitution allowed the formation of PACs in 2010.


Some of the ways that End Citizens United is planning to raise money include but are not limited to polling, direct mailers and by way of television advertisements. This organization plans to use its recently elected members to amend the 2010 constitution motion so as to discourage wealthy billionaires from having their way in national affairs.


For End Citizens to attain its goals, it has partnered with influential yet liberal leaders who have the capacity to enable this society to change the constitution. Also, its affiliate members have signed a petition to compel Congress to have changes made to the law. Presently, End Citizens United is presided over by a five-member board who oversee all its operations. With this organization, all monetary donations are welcome. If things go as planned, End Citizens United will have done what most people thought was impossible, and that is reversing the tide on wealthy cartels that have had a hand in American politics before.