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Zach Braff and Donald Faison Promise to Provide Pizzas for Gay Couples in Indiana

A few weeks ago Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a ridiculous bill into a law. He signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to make it legal in Indiana. Under this act, businesses will have the right to discriminate against those whose lifestyles they do not agree with by not serving them as a customer. The first place to speak out under the confines of this outdated Act was Memories Pizza in Wilkerton, Indiana stated Brian Torchin. Memories Pizza announced in an interview that they would not cater or serve pizzas to a same-sex wedding. The restaurant became the target of threats and harassment from the public who disagreed with their discriminatory ways. However, it turns out not all people are against Memories Pizza. The restaurant had to close down for several days due to the harassment and someone started a GoFundMe account to help supplement their loss of business. That fund was up to over $800,000 last I checked.

Now, according to the story on Yahoo Celebrity Blog, gay couples in Indiana can rejoice- someone has stepped up to say that they will provide pizza for any same-sex wedding who wants it. “Scrubs” stars Zach Braff and Donald Faison, or vanilla bear and chocolate bear, have posted on Twitter that they will be happy to make pizza for any same-sex couple in Indiana who wants it for their big day. I love these two and their real life bromance!