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Advancing Visual Search Technology From Slyce

The last time I used Slyce’s new take on visual search technology I was surprised by the accuracy of the results that it produced. My goal in doing online shopping on is to make life as easy as possible, and Slyce does a great job with that. Online shopping is already so much easier than going into stores to buy things, but it was never this easy to get what you want without the hassle of doing investigative work on search engines until Slyce came into the picture. My guess is that this company is going to keep making things better, and they’ll surely keep updating their system.

The Genius Of Online Shopping With Visual Search Technology

In a recent article from MIT Technology Review, we learn all about the new advances in this fascinating field of shopping ease. The article points out some of the bigger brands of visual search technology that have not yet mastered the new concept. Google and Pinterest are two companies that are trying to come out with a successful take on visual search technology. Shopping should have always been this easy, but I think we are just seeing the beginning of what this fascinating visual search industry has to offer to consumers.

Slyce is working hard to network with big brands to bring a great value to their communities and to consumers that use their application. They have been working with Home Depot, Tilly’s and a bunch of other big retailers by offering the deals and discounts that most consumers would not have access to without the Slyce application. It’s no surprise that the retailers are satisfied with a high profit margin due to more products moving from their warehouses, and consumers who are using Slyce are saving a bundle on their purchases.

The fact that I can simply take a picture of something I see and want to buy, to me, is the beginning of a brave new world of technological innovations. I feel that this is an advancing technology that people who are tech savvy have been waiting for patiently. It seems like something you would see in a science fiction movie. People can actually walk by a store window and literally do some window shopping by taking pictures of products they want.