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How to Stay on Google’s Good Side

Google and other search engines like it have formed an “opinion”. This “opinion”, is considered your own or your business’ online reputation. Google has its “viewpoint” and it can be altered by anyone. Do you know what Google “thinks” of you or your business? If not, it will behoove you to read on.

Positive online reputations are the result of proper, online reputation management (ORM). Right now, you are beginning to form an opinion of this article. The content may influence your attitude toward ORM. For this reason, achieving a positive online reputation might be harder than you think. Millions of people have the freedom to post their thoughts online, for public consumption. A negative notion of yourself or your company can “go viral”. Much like a virus, some are in need of a cure.

ORM companies are maintaining positive online reputations for thousands of individuals and businesses. As well as, “patching-up” some damaged online reputations. ORM companies provide a wide range of services. Typically, they offer package deals or services “a-la-carte”. Social media management, content development, and search engine optimization (SEO) are usually offered. These services will not guarantee you a number one spot for a search engine query. However, ORM companies will improve your rank for popular search engine queries. Furthermore, they ensure a positive ORM by actively producing content and monitoring third-party websites (e.g. How do you know, if you are in need of some ORM assistance? is like the “” for online reputations. Their website offers a free online reputation assessment. Just like a credit report, it will illustrate areas in need of improvement and those already in good standing. Think of the first person you ask when researching any topic. Most likely, your answer was Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The good news is; the Better Reputation team will put their “ear to the ground” for you. Letting you know which side of Google you or your business is standing on.

How White Shark Media is Using Customer Reviews to Improve Customer Satisfaction

One of the secrets to survival in the current corporate world is interaction with clients over the internet. This gives a company’s marketing team crucial insights about areas that are underperforming and thus need improvement. This information is then passed on to the management for the requisite policy making. Through such networking, the strengths of a firm can also be identified, and utilized as a marketing tool. This highlights the importance of seeking the review of clients, and their appraisal about the products and services being offered by a firm.

White Shark Media Review is among the few companies whose clients play a role in molding its strategies. The firm places a lot of importance on the sentiments that its clients have towards the products and services on offer. It has set up a special portal on its website where clients can state how they feel about the company’s strategies, areas that need improvement and strengths. Going through the platform makes one understand why thousands of business managers have continued entrusting White Shark Media Review to market them. Many assert that their businesses have constantly grown since they hired the company to offer SEO marketing services.

How Reviews are Handled

In the past, some clients raised complaints (,28.htm) about a communication lag in White Shark Media’s setup. The company took this complain in good faith and implemented a system whereby the routines of a business are reviewed on a monthly basis to establish its online ranking. Basing on this, improvements are made. In addition, Status Calls are arranged and teleconferences held so that marketing ideas can be shared. This has received numerous plaudits with customers applauding the flexibility and novelty of the firm as far as handling their issues is concerned.

There were also concerns about difficulties in getting hold of the person behind their businesses online marketing strategies. The firm responded by hooking up such customers with a contact person. Once this is done, the contact addresses of that contact person is sent to the customers. This means there will be a direct flow of information between the two parties. The company’s representative will also manage the client’s marketing campaign and report directly to him or her.

Like any other SEO Marketing firm according to shopify, White Shark Media comes up with new strategies on a regular basis. These improved ideas may not work as effectively as the old campaigns. To combat this, the company provides proficient supervisors to oversee the implementation of the new campaign until it works to the satisfaction of customers.