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Bonn Óir Vodka Partners with Goody Goody for Rapid Success

According to Street Insider in March of this year, Bonn Óir Vodka decided to collaborate with Goody Goody, a Texas retailer and wholesaler. This decision was made in order to have Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka supplied to two Texas areas, Fort Worth and Houston. Goody Goody has had an outstanding reputation for success in the last forty-nine years as a wholesaler, and they plan to lead Bonn Óir Vodka on the same road to triumph. 

Dan O’Shevlin is the C.O.O. and founder of Bonn Óir Vodka, an ultra-premium Irish-American liquor. It all started with the recipe from his grandfather and the help of Timber Creek Capitol, the private equity firm led by Marc Sparks (check out his Wiki profile) that helped O’Shevlin start production of his product. The Irish-American vodka is made with the top-grain of soft white wheat, and exhibits a clean texture and quality that cannot be found anywhere else. This liquor is gluten free because of the distinct distillation and filtration system that the O’Shevlin family uses. This ultra-premium vodka is altering the criteria of a superior liquor in the industry of fine spirits. 
Bonn Óir Vodka is sold in bottles of 50 and 750 ml as well as in one liter bottles. The normal price for a 750 ml bottle of this fine crafted liquor is around $29.99. Not only does this vodka have a reasonable price, but also a unique and distinct flavor. 
O’Shevlin wanted his superior drink to be noticed throughout Texas hotels, bars, and restaurants, and with Goody Goody having sixteen sites in place and more to come, that dream will come true. With two exceptional companies working together, the sky is the limit on just how far this ultra-premium Irish-American vodka will go.

Get Help When It Comes To New York City Real Estate

One of the biggest places to search for real estate is online, even though some people still search through magazines and the newspapers. It can be resourceful to use online services to find a new home, but that does not work for every location across the USA. New York City is somewhat special when it comes to looking for homes, and you won’t be able to find everything online. Looking through the newspaper or a rent magazine won’t guarantee that you’ll find the best places available in New York City. Although some people think real estate agents are obsolete, they are still extremely useful these days.

Real estate agents can make a big difference when it comes time to look for a new place to live, especially in a place like New York City. It is very difficult to navigate when it comes to looking for NYC luxury real estate because the space is limited, and there are a lot of people looking for places to live. Instead of taking on the task of going through New York City real estate on your own, it’s the wisest decision to just hire a real estate agent.

In New York City, the best real estate agency to hire is Town Real Estate. If you’re looking for the best real estate that New York City has to offer, you’ll want Town Real Estate to help you. The agents of Town Real Estate have all the knowledge necessary to find you the most luxurious places to live in New York City. Many people would love to have a nice sized home in New York City, but it can be difficult to find. New York City is known for having small spaces, but to find the luxurious spaces, you’ll need a real estate agent.

Once you work with your Town Real Estate agent, you’ll be able to start picking different places that are of interest to you, and you can visit them one by one. Searching online or through any other means for a new home, may end up being fruitless, and you may not get all the information you’re looking for. Your real estate agent will have all the information on any place they direct you to, so you don’t have to worry about any surprises. Your new luxurious home in New York City is only a phone call away, so call Town Real Estate agency today.

The Rat Squad

Fast food company KFC made numerous headlines a few weeks ago when customers compared a piece of fried chicken that they got to what appear to be a fried rat . The photo was posted by Denver as Dixon a customer in California; the picture quickly went viral. Dixon recalled initially eating video the rat shaped chicken and relayed what it was like to his lawyer. The next day the customer took the rap sheet chicken tender 2 the restaurant where he purchased it and even the manager at the front counter confirm that it was a rat. The photo quickly went viral and got the attention of KFC spokespeople.


KFC responded to the rat allegations through a tweet on Twitter, which surprised Crystal Hunt a bit. The tweet stated that an independent lab tests confirmed that it was not a race but indeed chicken. KFC further went on to state that they expect the customer to apologize for falsely accusing the company of such a heinous act and immediately stop making false allegations about the matter. KFC release another statement noting how much negative publicity this story has given the company. The customer’s lawyer handed over the piece of food in question and an independent lab confirmed that the rat allegation was nothing more than a hoax. The customer has declined a comment from numerous news outlets. Even if the customer genuinely made a mistake in thinking that the chicken was a rat, this story should be a cautionary tale for individuals. Be completely sure about what you are posting and saying about third-parties and their products. It could come back to bite you later.

Is it Chicken or is it Rat , the Results Are In

Have you ever went to a restaurant and questioned just what was in the food you were eating? It is no surprise if you answered yes to this question. With the pink slime of McDonalds’ fresh in our heads, it is even more common that food chains, are being questioned. Especially fast food establishment.

This is just what happened recently to the renowned Kentucky Fried Chicken.

According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, a patron claimed that the chicken they received was actually “Kentucky Fried Rat” rather than Kentucky Fried Chicken. When social media and the world was not satisfied with a picture posted and shared of the product KFC went a step further. They had the “food” in question sent for a DNA test. The good news is that it was indeed chicken. The bad news is, it was a very horrible excuse for fried chicken. Someone is sure to lose their job over this, unless the manager is to “chicken” to fire them.

Man Eats Biscuits Before Being Arrested

Biscuits are great. They may just be one of the best foods out there. But, does that make them good enough that they are worth getting arrested over?
One man robbed a bank only to sit down at a restaurant a matter of minutes later. He was eating biscuits when the cops found him there and arrested him.
People like Kevin Seawright go to far lengths for the food that they love. Apparently all this man wanted from the money he robbed from the bank was some biscuits. If he hadn’t sat down and ordered them at the restaurant he might have been able to get away, but that is the price that he has to pay. He is getting what he deserves in being arrested for his crime.
For his sake, though, at least he got a plate of biscuits out of the ordeal, right? And, if he’s good, maybe he’ll even get some biscuits in prison.


Swedish fishing guide catches more than he can chew

If you are looking to catch a big fish, it’s looking like off the coast of Norway is the place to be.

Erik Axner, a Swedish fishing guide, recently reeled in an extremely large fish. In fact, it was so large that he was unable to get it into the boat. After a 20 minute battle with the big guy, he was finally able to measure it. He was shocked to discover that it was over 2 meters long and 100 kg. That is about 7 feet in length and over 220 pounds.

Instead of continuing to try to get it in the boat, Axner opted to jump in the water to pose for pictures. After he realized just how big of a beast he was dealing with, he decided that trying to wrangle it into the boat would only cause harm to the fish, and potentially himself. Pictures of Axner with his fish can be found here.

The fish was an Atlantic halibut. This type of fish is known for being extremely large, as Jim Dondero points out on LinkedIn. In fact, the largest fish caught on record was also an Atlantic halibut. A German angler named Marco Liebenow caught a fish weighing in at 232 kg, or 511 pounds. Again, Liebenow’s catch was made off the coast of Norway.

There seems to be a trend. Anyone looking to reel in a massive catch should head off the coast of Norway and scope out Atlantic halibut.