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Beneful Dog Food: A Focus On Nutrition

Beneful is a popular dog food brand that’s part of Nestle Purina Petcare. The private brand manufactures both wet and dry food formulas. They also make doggie treats and snacks.

Beneful was established in 2001. It was promoted to the public as being a healthy and wholesome food option for dog lovers and their dogs. The Beneful slogan is “Healthful. Plentiful. Beneful.” This slogan highlights the brand’s strong emphasis on proper nutrition for dogs.The brand’s numerous choices in dry dog foods are made to accommodate and benefit all different kinds of canines. Beneful makes a “Healthy Growth for Puppies” dry food product that’s specifically designed to help young puppies develop and thrive. They also make a “Healthy Smile” dry food that’s made to encourage teeth health in dogs. Beneful’s various dry food formulas often have specific purposes and goals. Some of them are made to promote healthy weights in dogs. Others are made to encourage powerful muscles and radiant coats and skin.

Beneful’s various wet food products are made out of meats such as chicken, beef, salmon, pork, turkey and lamb. Some prominent examples of Beneful moist foods are Hearty Roasters pork, simmered beef prepared meals, salmon chopped blends, chicken stew and beef stew. There are many other well-known Beneful wet food products out there, however.

Treats are another big focal point for the Beneful team. The brand’s doggie snacks come in a number of textures and tastes that aim to satisfy all kinds of canines. Beneful produces them in diverse flavors such as peanut butter, chicken, beef, cheese and bacon. The brand’s many notable snack products include Baked Delights Stars (Chicken and Cheese), Healthy Smile Twists and Baked Delights Heartfuls. Many Beneful treats have health purposes, too. Some of Beneful’s treats were created to help dogs attain strong smiles.

Beneful’s goal as a pet food company is to feed pets healthy and well-rounded foods that can help raise their energy and activity levels. They indicate that their guidelines for canine happiness and enjoyment are centered around concepts such as nutrition, contentment, food variety and health.

Janet is the head of Nestle Purina Petcare’s nutrition research department. She possesses an animal nutrition PhD. She, alongside a group of experts, works to create dog food that’s healthy, tasty and safe.