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The Benefits of not Washing Your Hair Daily

This can be a strange topic for most people, but it is important to write about. The general population believes it is important to wash hair on a daily basis, but it can actually be damaging to your hair for various reasons. We are going to cover a few of these bases and provide some fantastic tips to maintaining healthier hair.

For those that dye their hair, daily washes makes your hair color out faster. It ends up becoming muted and plain, which leads to having to dye your hair more. Daily washing also removes the natural oils that keep your hair healthy and beautiful. It strips these oils and you will find more issues when attempting to straighten, curl, or use other heat-oriented hair styling tools. Maintaining your hair’s moisture with these natural oils helps in the long run. There will be far less build up from all of the product used on a day to day basis.

Wen hair by Chaz have many products that help keep hair looking fresh and healthy without washing it daily. There are replenishing treatment mists. For those that aren’t comfortable with not washing it daily, there are formulas especially made for daily usage.

In the long and short of it, you will end up saving money while saving your hair. Wen by Chaz Dean is especially formulated to last for a long time while using it properly. By not shampooing daily, this will save you much more. Not only that, but you will be able to save your hair from more heat treatment like hair-drying. Once cutting back on the washes, you will find that it is much easier to style your hair. Just make sure to use healthy hair styling formulas by Wen. They are made to maintain the health or make hair even healthier. For more info, like the WEN hair Facebook page and check out: