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War On Condiments?

There are so many feuds taking place across the world right now, why shouldn’t we just add one more right? That’s what trend tracker Adam Sender says of the world’s leading condiment makers are saying. French’s and Heinz are now feuding over ketchup and mustard.

French’s who was once just your averages mustard maker is now making ketchup. They are pitching it off that French’s ketchup is healthier for you due to the fact that it is made a lot healthier since it doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup. This is a crack at Heinz, who has for years used corn syrup to give their version its unique flavor.

Meanwhile, Heinz has created their own version of mustard. They are quoted saying that this mustard is a “superior quality”. Heinz new mustard is made from all natural stone ground seeds to give you the ultimate flavor without any additives.

Though both companies are presenting a very convincing argument, since humankind is on such a health kick right now. What it will come down to is, personal preference. If you used Heinz ketchup, use their mustard as well. If you use French’s mustard, give their ketchup a try. Or share the love, stop the feud and use one of each before this turns into a full blown war.