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Pitch in to Jon Urbana’s Cause

32-year-old Jon Urbana grew up in Colorado, and had enjoyed doing what he could to bring light to a cause, like he did for ARAS last month.

As the man behind Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Jon Urbana has had a dream to help, but always knew that one person could not change the world. Jon had come up with a blogging platform at to allow anyone who wanted to help a cause to be able to do so.

He may seem like your everyday person, but his heart on has shown his courageous fight to help make the world a better place. He’s also the man behind this video, which Earth Force even shared to its Twitter page.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon has done what a lot people would like to do. He launched his site, and then found a way on Twitter via @jonurbana1 to make dreams come true, and reach out to many people across the world to join his dream.

Jon is a former lax player who led the Villanova team, and has enjoyed being able to assist in giving to a good cause. He has been a big advocate for helping animals. He has teamed up with Humane Societies and animal shelters to join the fight against animal abuse.

In line with his leadership skills, Jon is also an approved airplane operator written up in the prestigious Aviation Business Gazette for his induction to the FAA Airmen’s Certification Database.

Jon Urbana has created a new campaign to help his home town and preserve the beauty of the land he has always know. His knew fight is to protect Colorado and the animals in which reside here.

Contribute to Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force and Jon will match any donations. All you need to do is send him an Instagram message to let him know you’ve donated.

His new cause has allowed him to power up with Earth Force and help prevent animals from being killed by euthanasia. The need to save animals from dying by euthanasia has game him the power to have anyone join his fundraiser on

He’s also found a way to mobilize his base of campers at Next Level Lacrosse camp, and he goes into the weeds with his strategy in a post he made publicly available on Slideshare.

Jon has made it possible for anyone who wants to donate and help save these animals and Colorado to be able to do so. With a touch of a button anyone can donate and help this wonderful cause.