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After 13-Year Hiatus, McDonald’s Debuts New Creepy Hamburglar

After suffering a dismal fiscal quarter, McDonald’s is trying frantically to portray a new image. The burger giant has even decided to try adding healthy green kale to its California and Canada menus after blasting the idea only a few months ago.

Now this tops it all: McDonald’s has debuted a new Hamburglar following a 13-year hiatus, and many are crying creepy. The look is just plain wrong. The new Hamburglar still sports the signature black and white stripes, but appears to be a slimmer-looking, more attractive, dad type character. The Hamburglar will help introduce McDonald’s new, limited-time Sirloin Third Pound Burger, a company spokeswoman said.

According to CNN Money, Wall Street has not been impressed with the burger company’s latest, creative improvements. McDonald’s, however, claims the fast-food restaurant chain is on the right track:

CEO Steve Easterbrook recently described McDonald’s new look as a “modern, progressive burger company.”

Estabrook is not only concerned with the company’s stale brand image, but hoping better quality food will catapult McDonald’s back on top. The fast food chain is testing beef and chicken sandwiches with flavors that include jalapeno and pico guacamole according to former NBA franchise owner Bruce Levenson.

Let’s face it. There’s a lot of fast food burger competition out there with popular places like Five Guys and Smashburger. Even Hillary Clinton chose to visit a Chipotle’s rather than a McDonald’s during her first full day campaining for the White House.