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Powder Or Drought, Andy Answers This Question For KCRW

The recent interview of Andy Wirth was informative and entertaining. During the interview, Madeline Brand asks Andy about the drought and how he thinks the drought may affect ski season on the mountain.

The interview was heard on KCRW. It was part of the Press Play show. Madeline asks Andy what he believes will happen because of the drought this year so far. The statistics show that people are having to cut back more than 27% of their water usage. What does this mean for families and businesses?

Families may need to cut down their shower a little by a few minutes. They may need to wait to wash the family vehicles until it rains or until they reach a car wash business.

Another thing the family may need is to forget to try to raise their own vegetable gardens because it is wasteful to water the grounds during a drought. These few sacrifices may help the water to hold out for a longer period of time.

What happens with a drought that goes on thru winter? Snowboarding and skiing may be at risk for the season? This is a possibility but people like Andy are not giving up that easy. They are keeping their heads up high and hoping for the best. Read more:  How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

If it does snow the season will not be a loss. It is expected that over 4000 of the 6000 acres on the mountains will be holding snow and tourist will be able to ski. The plan is to help keep snow on the mountains even if it means man-made snow.

When the interviewer from Press Play asks why there is a drought and why Andy Wirth believes the season can still be profitable, he says because of other things. According to the Stanford report,there is an increased volatility to make more snow.

The resorts can still be profitable if they make good use of the tourist that are in the resort areas for special events during the summer and fall.

The tourist can help save the area if they are enjoying themselves and are being treated like the special people they are. Tourists will make or break the ski resort areas. If the resorts are open and there is powder on the mountains, the skiers will come.

Snowboarders and tubers are also lining up to take their rides down those snow covered mountains. Everyone is crossing their fingers and hoping for the best.

Andy Wirth and his wife reside in Truckee California. This professional couple enjoys outdoor sports and entertaining. They both frequently take part in benefits such as the Wounded Warrior and the Navy Seal Foundation.

Andy’s recent fall from the sky gave him a scare that made him make some responsible decisions about himself and the future of his company.

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