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Bonn Óir Vodka Partners with Goody Goody for Rapid Success

According to Street Insider in March of this year, Bonn Óir Vodka decided to collaborate with Goody Goody, a Texas retailer and wholesaler. This decision was made in order to have Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka supplied to two Texas areas, Fort Worth and Houston. Goody Goody has had an outstanding reputation for success in the last forty-nine years as a wholesaler, and they plan to lead Bonn Óir Vodka on the same road to triumph. 

Dan O’Shevlin is the C.O.O. and founder of Bonn Óir Vodka, an ultra-premium Irish-American liquor. It all started with the recipe from his grandfather and the help of Timber Creek Capitol, the private equity firm led by Marc Sparks (check out his Wiki profile) that helped O’Shevlin start production of his product. The Irish-American vodka is made with the top-grain of soft white wheat, and exhibits a clean texture and quality that cannot be found anywhere else. This liquor is gluten free because of the distinct distillation and filtration system that the O’Shevlin family uses. This ultra-premium vodka is altering the criteria of a superior liquor in the industry of fine spirits. 
Bonn Óir Vodka is sold in bottles of 50 and 750 ml as well as in one liter bottles. The normal price for a 750 ml bottle of this fine crafted liquor is around $29.99. Not only does this vodka have a reasonable price, but also a unique and distinct flavor. 
O’Shevlin wanted his superior drink to be noticed throughout Texas hotels, bars, and restaurants, and with Goody Goody having sixteen sites in place and more to come, that dream will come true. With two exceptional companies working together, the sky is the limit on just how far this ultra-premium Irish-American vodka will go.