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Public Relations and Status Lab Solutions

There are five tips to checking out your public image:

1) Log out:
The first step is log out of all google accounts and clear history. This allows you to see what pops up under your name or business from another persons perspective. This is not personalized or biased.

2) Identify the problems:
Figure out which problems arise and see if you can remove them. This can be any negative news about you, old social media accounts, inappropriate pictures, etc. This can come back and haunt you if not dealt properly. The good news is that stuff can often be taken down, but that doesn’t mean it is gone forever. Negative reviews are another item that is not good for the reputation.

3) Make new content:
It is important to create new positive content after going through and deleting all the previously negative statements. This would include more professional stuff such as social media, blogs, press releases, or guest articles that could give you more credibility. Update the ranks in Google.

4) Be on the lookout for data brokers:
Companies on this category go around the internet scraping off personal information found on social media accounts, business records, or corporate releases. Once they have the information, they will take away the negative information about you. This is great in all, but they do know have the rights to post information about you. They can make profiles about you.

5) Be active:
When searching around for harmful photos that you can’t remove yourself, don’t give up. Attempt to contact the admins of the site to request it being removed. Always be polite when asking. They will definitely not take their time to help rude requests. If this doesn’t work and it is still bothersome, then take it to an attorney. Also be sure to check out the laws pertaining to your state when filing a claim.

Status labs can help you throughout your struggles. They provide communication strategies to improve on and media relationships to communicate with important business associates. They have deep relationships with journalists and bloggers in the industry.

They can help make sure your content is engaging and informative. This will help create emotional connects that lead to participation and more sales. All solutions are based on individuals specific needs.