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The USHEALTH Group Gets Awarded for Providing Quality Insurance Services

An insurance organization is expected to provide adequate premium services in health care for those involved. The insurance group is also expected to be strategically located serving people who are self-employed and those in white collar jobs. A good insurance agent will also consider the people with disabilities. The organization USHEALTH Group is located in Fort Worth, Texas and has subsidiaries Freedom Life Insurance and National Life Insurance. The aim of the USHEALTH Group is providing insurance, making sure that people lead a quality life through accessing good health care services. Currently, the group serves about 15 million customers through the individually tailored plans spanning over five decades. Whether employed in the office or self-employed, the group serves the people of Fort Worth, Texas without discrimination.


Each customer has different needs, and the USHEALTH Group understands this, hence provides an array of options to choose from and make the correct decision. The USHEALTH Group has several products that are tailored to meet the requirements of their diverse clientele by observing flexibility, affordability, and reliability. For example, the USHEALTH Group insurance has packages for the customers that are on a limited budget. The clients who have a limited budget can take insurance claims on critical illnesses, accident disability claims, short-term life insurance, and dental & vision plans. The insurance claims are for the people with limited funds contributing about 500 USD monthly. The USHEALTH Group aims to create long-term relationships with customers to make the USHEALTH Group a trusted partner through its dependability.


The USHEALTH Group has a subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, which ensure that the organization provides exceptional services anchored by being committed to providing adequate health care. The consultants have led to the evolvement of the organization making it a leader in business growth, customer growth, and innovation. Through the trust cultivated by USHEALTH, more people are turning to USHEALTH Group to fulfill their coverage needs in insurance. The USHEALH Group understands that each customer is unique, hence the need to have a broad choice of affordable solutions that meet the needs of their clients. Through such initiatives, they have also won awards for customer service and timely payment circles.

AXA Advisors: The Global Leading Insurance Brand

AXA is a multinational insurance company headquartered in Paris, France. The company is the leading dealer in the global insurance industry, having been operational for over 200 years. AXA mainly deals in global insurance, investment management and other financial services. Its insurance products include life insurance, human health insurance, property and casualty insurance and investment management.

AXA was found back in 1817, and originally named the Ancienne Mutuelle. 120 years later, it acquired Campagnie Parisienne de Garantie and was renamed Mutuelles Unies. The company further embarked on its expansion plans in the early 80’s when it was bought by the current CEO, Mr. Claude Bebear, in 1982. Bebear first bought the Drouot Group and subsequently changed the company name to Unies/Drouot. He changed the company name to AXA in 1985. The internationalization of the company begun in 1991 with the company buying The Equitable, a giant American insurance company, that was among the leading players in the industry by then. AXA bought The Equitable through its subsidiary, the AXA Financial, Inc. Mr. Bebear bought the Union des Assuarances De Paris (UAP) in 1996 and changed the company name from AXA to AXA-UAP, only to revert the name to AXA three years later after acquiring the Guardian Royal Exchange.

AXA Advisors has been the leading American Brand of the AXA since the company entered the American Market through its subsidiary, the AXA Financial, Inc.

Philanthropic Work

AXA Advisors has initiated several philanthropic activities as part of its corporate social responsibility in most of the states it operates in. The AXA Heart in Action and the provision of AXA Research Fund are some of the philanthropic work the company has engaged in. The AXA Research Fund provides support for research directed towards preventing environmental pollution and other human life threatening activities.

About Vincent Parascandola

Mr. Parascandola is the senior Executive Vice President of the AXA Advisors, LLC. He is tasked with managing sales, management development, staffing and general performance appraisal of the professionals.

Parascandola graduated with Bachelor of Science degree from the Pace University in New York. He joined AXA Advisors in 2004, and has since moved the ranks to his current position.