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The Health Effects Of Instant Noodles

A recent Baylor’s research shows that noodles may increase the risk of Cardiometabolic syndrome. The study, which was published in the journal of nutrition, shows that women are more at risk.

Since Asian populations consume ramen most, the research was based in South Korea. South Korea consumes more ramen than any other place in the world. There have been increased cases of heart disease and obesity in the country. This could translate to high mortality rates and increase in health care costs.

While Asian communities consume instant noodles more, there haven’t been much research to link eating noodles to metabolic syndrome. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that the reason for the study was to uncover connections between the two.

The difference in results between the men and women can be because of biological differences such as metabolism and sex hormones. It could also be due to a difference in eating between the two sexes or inaccurate food reporting

Regardless of the difference or what may have caused it, the research is still important since it will help us understand the foods that we eat. People are consuming noodles with no knowledge about the possible health risks.

Hopefully, the study will be a foundation for further research on the health effects of instant noodles in the future. Dr.Shin, who led the study, added that the research could be beneficial, if it makes people make healthier choices when it comes to food.