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Free Ice Cream Day

The warm weather is here! That means aside from days full of sunshine, there are now days full of those summery activities we know and love. From lounging at the beach, to playing at a park, there is no shortage of how to spend your days. Most of these activities involve a popular treat, ice cream! With Summer almost upon us, your days are good days if they are spent with ice cream cones in hand. Now, in preparation for ice cream season coming, there is a special day tomorrow for ice cream lovers across the world.

According to GrubStreet Haagen-Dazs Ice cream shops in the United States are offering free scoops of ice cream! The deal runs in the afternoon from 4 PM till 8 PM so it’s a great way to stop by and spoil your dinner! You even have your options tomorrow. Your free scoop can come in a cup, cake coke, or even a sugar cone!

A lot of places have been offering free scoops. It seems that it’s been quite the tradition to round out spring, and have summer enter. Igor Cornelsen feels it’s a perfect tradition. You can probably expect long lines tomorrow as people flock to the deal. After all, people love free and people love ice cream. You combine the two together and you have the recipe for long lines. Anytime ice cream is involved though, it’s usually worth it.