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Jim Tananbaum Announces Partnership with Molly He, for Better Health Care Systems

For many organizations, restructuring contributes to growth and development. That is why Foresite Capital was glad to announce the introduction of a new member to the team. The organization that focuses on providing healthcare growth through offering financial support to the health care sector was elated to have Molly He in the team. Molly is an executive medical practitioner with over ten years’ experience in the industry of pharmaceuticals as well as genomic research. Jim Tananbaum introduced Molly by saying that she is a respected scientist in the field of researchers. He also stated that he was elated to have her be part of the team, because she has experience in research. With her extensive experience in different scientific fields like genomics and drug development, Molly brings in new blood to the team. Jim said that Molly’s remarkable skills in leadership would be resourceful to Foresite Capital, as the organization continues to expand its operations and portfolio with the aim of transforming companies.


In an article on INC42, As the serving director of Illumina scientific research, Molly He’s duty involved handling the company’s protein reagent innovation project as well as improvements. Before joining Illumina, she served as the head of sciences in Pacific Biosciences. She was responsible for overseeing protein reagent development. She was also in charge of single molecular sequencing in chemistry. Before she established her career, she spent the first ten years exploring the pharmaceutical industry. In this department, she concentrated on the structural-based designs linked to antibodies. She also acquired knowledge in small molecule drugs. The alumnus of Nankai University is a Ph.D. holder of protein biophysics.

Jim‘s Profile

Jim Tananbaum is a career executive and entrepreneur. He has been making news headlines since Forbes Magazine announced his entrepreneurial success. He has been making the list of Midas’ wealthiest men for three consecutive years. Jim is the founder of Foresite Capital. He has twenty five years’ experience in the industry of managed health care. He also has vast experience in entrepreneurship. Jim capitalizes on strategic management and financial opportunities. He uses his capital to provide useful capital to healthcare investors. In the last twenty five years, Jim has assisted in growing the healthcare franchise across Texas. More details can be found on Researchgate.

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