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The Sweetgreen Menu Comes Highly Recommended


Food critics all across the country have been touting Sweetgreen for its excellent, organic food selection. Many of the salads were crafted by the nation’s top chefs and even a few entertainers like Kendrick Lamar.


Though many people felt that the Sweetgreen franchise would fizzle and die after one restaurant was founded and failed, Sweetgreen continues to grow and expand all over the United States. In addition, the restaurant’s founders have made no efforts to change or improve upon their original, simple business model. All they do is serve salads. However, the salads they serve are exceptional and full of wholesome ingredients that are organically sourced from farmers who have been farming close to the franchise locations for years.


Therefore if there are no farmers near a franchise location who sell corn, there will be no corn in any of that particular restaurant’s menu items. In addition, though the business model is simple and the ingredient lists rather short, these businesses are doing very well in America’s top markets and major cities, beating out huge competitors in their industry. Many pundits guessed it couldn’t be done.


In addition to healthy food, the Sweetgreen founders wanted to ensure that their restaurant was modern and mobile friendly. Their generation especially wants to conveniently order food, products and other services via their mobile devices. While other generations also enjoy this convenience, for Millenials, it’s a priority and an expectation for businesses to give them this option. In addition, to mobile friendliness, the restaurant’s décor gives off a very modern and tech-savvy feel like you would find at the Apple Store.


If all this weren’t enough to demonstrate the power of the Sweetgreen brand, the franchise spends almost nothing on advertising. They do throw a music festival every year that’s quite popular and sponsor a healthy eating charity aimed at inner-city youth; but that’s about it. Most people who love Sweetgreen food found out about the restaurant from friends, family or coworkers. That’s how this multi-million dollar brand has grown in less than 10 years to be the giant it is today.


For Sweetgreen founders and the business professors who taught them at Georgetown University, this is remarkable. The founders go back to their alma mater every year to advise other budding entrepreneurs and to participate in college activities with faculty and friends.



The Foods You Eat Could Cause You To Be Depressed

We are taught from an early age that eating too much sugary foods will cause our teeth to rot. As we grow older, we become aware that over indulging in sugary treats and beverages will lead to excess weight gain. As the years continue to creep up on us and middle age looms in front of us, we become aware that years of eating too many sugar-laden foods increase our risk of developing diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and a host of other physical conditions.
But there’s one condition that is rarely associated with eating too much sugar and can occur at any age. It’s a condition that has recently been proven to be linked to the consumption of a high-sugar diet: depression.
According to the World Health Organization,depression is the largest health burden on society and no one saw it coming.
Women’s Health Initiative Observational Study observed and gathered information on over 70,000 women over a three year period. Of those 70,000 women, the ones who ate a diet that was high on the glycemic index were most likely to develop depression. Healthy folks at Boraie Development know that the glycemic index is an indicator of how much sugar and refined grain is in a diet and can calculate the risk factor of a person developing diabetes and other health disorders.
On the flip side of the study, the women in the study group who ate a high-fiber diet were less likely to develop depression.