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Emily’s Journey to Perfect Hair with Wen by Chaz by Her Side

Ladies, there is always something to dislike about your hair. Whether it is too thin, dry, or flat, there is a factor that could be improved. Emily McClure knows this reality all too well and determined that she would give one of those luxury products she has seen on television one too many times a try. With her self-proclaimed fine hair in tow, she headed to the store to purchase a Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner.
For those who do not know, WEN hair products were crafted by celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean. The philanthropic stylist has studied and worked on hair for decades, meaning that he undoubtedly understands what every strand needs and how they can possibly get those vitamins and nutrients. Equipped with his knowledge and willingness to help everyone from stars to average people trucking through life, Chaz developed this Sephora endorsed products and has single handedly transformed the way hair looks and feels across the country.

With this background knowledge and a little bit of skepticism, Emily began her experiment, a test set to last for one week. Upon using it at first, she did not necessarily like the amount of product she was recommended to use, but when that formula touched her hair, she abolished those complaints with surprise and happiness. With hair that was instantaneously soft, Emily went to sleep that night eager to see her hair in the morning.

The following day was met with complaints of greasy hair, but Emily determined that she did not wash the product out thoroughly enough. Alas, she continued her experiment and found the same, soft results. The days continued and few complaints were offered by the transforming beauty. When she met with her friends for drinks when the test was coming to a close, they asked her why her hair looked so fabulous. These questions and compliments only supported Emily’s use of Wen by Chaz products and secured her desire to use them again. Check out the product’s Wikipedia page for more info.