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Reliable Municipality Management Through E-Governe

E-governe is a conglomeration of companies that keep an array of e-government systems. E-governance systems are made up of e-governance solutions that are modern, modular, and intelligent and providing the best services among public administration bodies.

E-governe companies possess attributes such as competence and creativity so as to make them capable of achieving their objectives. They also use state of the art technology in rendering services to their clients.

E-governe system tools were implemented in the municipality of Teresina therefore, servers of various organs needed to be trained on the use of the tools. Prodater Miguel Oliveira pointed out that, so to ensure optimization of the services offered by e-governe, there was a need to have meetings with representatives from the municipal finance department, municipal health foundation, and municipal education departments.

The city hall in Teresina intended to expand the e-government system with the aim of improving services to the public. The mayor of the city; Silvio Mendes considered full functioning of the e-government system as very important due to its importance in speeding response to population demands, identifying problems and monitoring the services provided by the municipality.

One of the important e-governe systems is the e-government health help that helps in the efficient management of the municipal and health of state secretariats. This has made the work simple and economical for the public administration of the municipality.

E-government health has helped in integrating healthcare units, health sectors, clinics and dental chart in the municipality. This has enabled scheduling of appointments and organizing the professionals’ and schedules to the benefit of patients and other clients. This has helped in eliminating service queues. It has also and brought quality services delivered to the public.

E-government health has helped in controlling the distribution of medicine stocks from pharmacies, vaccines application, and schedule of specialized examinations and consultations. The e-government system has also helped in performing bed control and ambulatory. It has also helped in the management of financial resources.

Governments that have adopted any of the e-governe systems have benefited in ways like regionalizing attendance and controlling the flow of patients from other municipalities. These municipalities have been helped in the efficient management of their finances, improved their work process, and controlled patients flow between health units. The system has also enabled the municipalities to structure programs of continuous attention to health.

Several municipalities such as São Paulo have been using the e-governe system. São Paulo is implementing e-governe school management system. This system is also used in Teresina. E-government education ensures integrity, security of information and uniqueness. School management reports are also issued at the right time. Reports are also shared through the internet, so there is no reworking or double working. The administration level at school can monitor security and ensure that units’ demands are met on time through the system as well.

Osasco is a city in Sao Paulo in Brazil. The municipality of this city has recorded impessive progress socially. That has been the case thanks to E-governe and e-commerce that are highly used in this city with the largest e-commerce commerce of Brazil located here.