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Beneful Offers Benefits for Dogs

When someone is purchasing a dog food option for that special pet in their life, they don’t want to simply buy any food that is out there, they want to buy something that offers benefits to their dog. When someone is shopping for the right dog food for the pet in their life, they want to make sure that the option that they choose offers special help to the dog in their life. Those who are shopping for dog food want to know that the food that they buy will help out the dog that they love. Those who are shopping for dog food want to know that they are buying the kind of food that brings about some kind of health benefits.

Purinastore’s Beneful is a dog food brand that offers the health benefits that pet owners are looking for. When individuals are trying to find a dog food that is healthy and that will support the nutrition of their pet, Beneful is there with the options that they need. Beneful supplies the healthy food that all pet owners want to purchase for the special animals in their lives. Beneful supports the health and well being of the animals that consume the brand’s food.

The Dunkin Difference

Dunkin Donuts consistently serves their hot coffees in Styrofoam cups. Starting in New York City locations will beginserving coffee in plastic instead of Styrofoam. The plastic cups are made of polypropylene and is recyclable much more so than the wasteful Styrofoam cups. The company had no choice but to go with the plastic change when New York City put a ban on Styrofoam starting July 1st. If the plastic cups prove to be a success these cups could find themselves in Dunkin Donut stores across the entire country. A representative for Dunkin Donuts talk to the Huffington Post and told them that they are testing out the new cups in Massachusetts, California, and Vermont in select locations. Jim Dondero knows that the company is also looking to use other materials like paper with a goal of getting rid of Styrofoam completely by the year 2016. For a company that sells 30 cups of coffee every second of every day this environmental switch could do a lot for the nation’s landfills. The root of this goal started back in 2006 and continued into 2013. It wasn’t until New York mandated that Styrofoam could no longer be used that Dunkin Donuts revisited the idea of using materials other than Styrofoam for their cups. Dunkin Donuts will continue to test any available materials that they believe is the best solution for customers when it comes to cost, commercial viability, environmental impacts, and performance. No matter what they choose we know that it won’t be Styrofoam.

Wendy’s May Overtake McDonald’s In Popularity

Wendy’s is planning a major expansion, which is kind of odd to some. Are they really popular enough to open 1,000 more restaurant, apparently so. Interestingly enough, McDonald’s is shutting down 700 stores this year. The question is whether or not Wendy’s is poised to take McDonald’s coveted spot of America’s, and beyond, favorite burger chain. The golden arches are taking on some serious competition. There may soon be more Wendy’s than Micky Dee’s. Then comes the age old question, circle burgers or square burgers. If Wendy’s is as popular as their sales seem to be then they should experience another revenue boost from the addition restaurants set to open.


Perhaps the addition of premium ingredients, the change in their restaurant’s appearance, or their revamped marketing strategy has won over consumer’s hearts since many years struggling to get customers in their doors. That is something Steve Murray believes in after seeing it on Bloomberg. Regardless of the reason, more stores equals more jobs so that is just fine by me.

The Health Effects Of Instant Noodles

A recent Baylor’s research shows that noodles may increase the risk of Cardiometabolic syndrome. The study, which was published in the journal of nutrition, shows that women are more at risk.

Since Asian populations consume ramen most, the research was based in South Korea. South Korea consumes more ramen than any other place in the world. There have been increased cases of heart disease and obesity in the country. This could translate to high mortality rates and increase in health care costs.

While Asian communities consume instant noodles more, there haven’t been much research to link eating noodles to metabolic syndrome. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that the reason for the study was to uncover connections between the two.

The difference in results between the men and women can be because of biological differences such as metabolism and sex hormones. It could also be due to a difference in eating between the two sexes or inaccurate food reporting

Regardless of the difference or what may have caused it, the research is still important since it will help us understand the foods that we eat. People are consuming noodles with no knowledge about the possible health risks.

Hopefully, the study will be a foundation for further research on the health effects of instant noodles in the future. Dr.Shin, who led the study, added that the research could be beneficial, if it makes people make healthier choices when it comes to food.

Your Summer Meal On A Bun, Courtesy of Carl’s Jr

Memorial Day will soon be upon us, officially marking the opening of grill season. For those who are not inclined to grill but still appreciate the delicacies created on hot coals they can head to Carl’s Junior to get an entire meal on a bun. Their newest dish features a one third pound thickburger, a sliced up hot dog, American cheese, standard burger toppings, and a handful of Lay’s potato chips as the finishing touch according to Marcio Alaor BMG on Blogspot. This abomination is aptly named The Most American Thickburger. It will be available to ruin your diet starting May 20th. It has some of American’s favorite summer picnic treats all piled up in a handheld meal. Carl’s Junior is famous for over the top burgers topped with a wide variety of ingredients and nutrition information that should make you cringe. So for the lazy Americans that do not wish to get their grill out and cook dinner, head to Carl’s Junior for a small piece of Americana.

Japanese Consume Too Much Salt

Japanese food has been widely considered to be healthy but there is a growing concern about the level of salt intake in the country. According to a recent study, Japanese adults are ingesting around 13 grams of salt in a day. The study was commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

This numbers are alarming according to Professor Satoshi Sasaki, who led the study posted on Contrary to previous research, the results were based on the amount of salt in the urine rather than the amount of salt in the food eaten, so Susan McGalla believed it a bit more.

The research was carried out between February and March and involved 760 adults.384 were men while 376 were women. Each person was supposed to collect all the urine that they passed in a day. The researchers then averaged the amount of salt in the urine.

After doing the math, the researchers found out that the average salt consumed in a day is 12.9 grams. This is after averaging 14.0 for men and 11.8 for women. This is higher than the survey carried out in 2012 where the average was found out to be 10.4 grams.

In past surveys, the ministry would calculate the amount of salt intake nationwide, on the basis of the type of foods that the people used to eat. Sasaki considers the latest figures as excessive. Following the findings, people are being encouraged to reduce their sodium intake

A Jet Black Burger

I’m a huge burger fan. I think they are great no matter what the day and no matter what the occasion. That’s probably why they are a staple in so many different restaurants. The best thing about burgers is that they are so versatile! You can literally put anything in or on a burger, and chances are it’s still pretty good. For the adventurous, there are all sorts of crazy burger concoctions. I’m normally the type of person that would try them. Except maybe when burgers come in the color black.

You may have seen the black burger circulating Social Media. Gianfrancesco Genoso saw it being talked about on Teses. It was available at a few McDonald’s restaurants throughout the world, mainly in Japan. But, now according to Grub Street India saw that Japan was onto something and they are introducing their own jet black burgers.

These burgers as previously mentioned will have a black bun and your option for what’s in between. Customers can choose either grilled chicken or a veggie patty. With a bun looking like that though is anyone really going to even be paying attention to what’s in between them?

The sandwich officially comes out today so it will be interesting to see if people can get past the color and enjoy the taste. After all, it probably tastes exactly the same it’s just the color is slightly off kilter. India people are known to take a few chances with their food, so maybe this will be one of them.

Free Ice Cream Day

The warm weather is here! That means aside from days full of sunshine, there are now days full of those summery activities we know and love. From lounging at the beach, to playing at a park, there is no shortage of how to spend your days. Most of these activities involve a popular treat, ice cream! With Summer almost upon us, your days are good days if they are spent with ice cream cones in hand. Now, in preparation for ice cream season coming, there is a special day tomorrow for ice cream lovers across the world.

According to GrubStreet Haagen-Dazs Ice cream shops in the United States are offering free scoops of ice cream! The deal runs in the afternoon from 4 PM till 8 PM so it’s a great way to stop by and spoil your dinner! You even have your options tomorrow. Your free scoop can come in a cup, cake coke, or even a sugar cone!

A lot of places have been offering free scoops. It seems that it’s been quite the tradition to round out spring, and have summer enter. Igor Cornelsen feels it’s a perfect tradition. You can probably expect long lines tomorrow as people flock to the deal. After all, people love free and people love ice cream. You combine the two together and you have the recipe for long lines. Anytime ice cream is involved though, it’s usually worth it.

Fast Food Jobs Are Not The Goal

Fast food workers have been receiving a lot of fame in the news lately, first for taking strikes when they felt that they were not being paid enough for the job that they were doing, and now because they want to be unionized.
While all jobs are important and we need someone to do each and every one out there, fast food workers are not the same thing as say, a doctor or a lawyer. They have not spent years and money on the training that is needed to do the job that they do. They have not dedicated their lives to the work and spent hours studying how to make the burgers and fries. Although the job is important, it’s not the most important job out there. And that’s okay. The people working in fast food need to realize that this is not their final goal, they need to be working harder to get out of the business and to be getting another job if they want to be paid more or if they want the right to be unionized.
A fast food job is okay for a while, but long term it’s not ideal. That is what Bruce Karatz suggests. The more people that realize that and the sooner that they do, the better for our country.

Nutella In Baked Goods

If you are a big fan of Nutella then I have some great news for you. Tim Hortons is going to be coming out with a new line of baked good that will feature this delicious, chocolate nut spread in them. There is so much to love about this chocolate spread and I bet that the baked goods, which include donuts, are going to taste amazing.
The treats are only here for the summer, though, as you are going to have to act quickly if you want to get in on the action and give them a try. I am sure that these special baked goods are going to go over well and there is going to be a high demand for them with all of the Nutella lovers out there. Go out as soon as the products are on the shelf and pick some up as quickly as possible if you want to beat all of the other Nutella-crazy people to getting there first and buying the stores out of these chocolate treats. The only bad thing about this is that if you are a big fan of this spread like Bruce Karatz then you are going to be loving these baked goods mentioned here and wanting them all year long.