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OSI Group, Leading Food Production Company

OSI is a privately owned firm in America that deals with retail and supply of food. OSI became popular in 1975 because it served as an exclusive supplier to Mc Donald’s and it grew as Mc Donald’s expanded. OSI group has over 65 amenities in 17 countries around globally and are located in North America, Western and Eastern Europe and the Asian Pacific region. This article looks at OSI Group and the services they offer regarding food supplies and retailing.

Today, OSI Group deals in supply of food products like poultry, pork, beef, bacon, and sausage, seafood and vegetables to various international fast food chains like KFC and MC Donald’s. Regarding career and empowerment, OSI is looking for anyone that is determined to succeed in a developing company. They are not choosy if one’s experienced or is a recent graduate.

The company is interested in people who can manage production operations, supervise employees and engage in maintenance activities, processing customer orders, repairing and maintenance of production machinery. The OSI group will also offer training to its employees to ensure that they are well knowledgeable to work in the various departments of the company.

In August 2016, OSI acquired Baho food, a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, deli meats and snack service and retail segments. This acquisition has broadened the company’s capabilities of dealing with its customers evolving needs and also assisted with the expansion of OSI since Baho had already established five firms in Germany and Netherlands which serve customers in 18 different countries.

OSI was awarded the prestigious Globe of Honors Award for 2016 by the British safety council for good management of environmental risks. It means that OSI was recognized and rated with a five-star rating by the British Safety council’s environmental management scheme from August 2015 – July 2016.

OSI has also been listed as one of the largest private companies by Forbes as America’s largest private Companies Association because it holds various companies in various regions in the world including Aurora, Illinois, and China. Its subsidiaries include Carolina culinary foods, David Berg, Fair Oaks Farms and Nation pizza products.


In conclusion, OSI group is a large global company dealing in the supply and retail of edible products. OSI has been listed as one of the top food company in America and also as an environmental friendly company by the British Safety Council.

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