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Bold And Unicorn With Lime Crime

Bold hair colors are in style along with anything and everything unicorn related. Combining the two is a winning situation for everyone. Lime Crime spent three years working and perfecting new semi permanent hair color.


The unicorn hair comes in many different colors and costs $16 for one of these amazing jars. The colors are bold and you can mix and match them to make your own style. They have full coverage colors that are more intense and they have tints that won’t draw as much attention.


The unicorn hair won’t damage your hair. They made it with all natural and gentle ingredients. They do say that to get the best color from your unicorn hair color, you should bleach your hair to a lighter shade. It is recommended that you use a professional to help with that part so you don’t damage your hair.


This company is working on making samples so people can try the product and colors before committing to a whole jar. They say that the color won’t transfer or stain your clothing. The more intense color might transfer just a bit, however with a couple of washes that will stop.


As with all Lime Crime products, the unicorn hair is a vegan product. It contains no ammonia, peroxide, or bleach. These colors are safe to mix and create new colors! Lime Crime has bold colors in other products as well such as lipstick and eye shadow.


Your new unicorn look will make a bold statement with these products. Color a few strands or color your whole head. Once you try one color, you may want to try the rest of the colors they have to offer or mix them to make a color of your own! Go crazy with colors and embrace your inner unicorn!

A Way To Improve Fine Limp Hair

Fine, limp hair is a pain for women. This is the type of flyaway hair that is difficult to style and lacks body or shine. A young woman with fine, limp hair was curious about the Wen Hair by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner that is a popular fixture on late night television, according to an article that appeared on Bustle. The women in the QVC infomercial are sitting around boasting about the results received after using the product. This brave young woman decided to test the product on her own locks. Wondering about her results? Read on for more about the Cleansing Conditioner results.

The Results

The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is an all in one formula that is designed to replace several important hair care products. For example, the shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, styling treatments, and more. The woman in the Bustle article used The Wen Cleansing Conditioner exclusively on her hair. She tested the formula for about a week. In this article, we get a look inside her mind and an up-close look at real results by a real person. Her results prove that the Wen Cleansing Conditioner works. She tried the fig formula on her limp hair and noticed that her hair started to develop great shine and bounce. She even received a few compliments. Follow Wen:

Wen Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean

This cleansing conditioner is a revolutionary concept in the way to cleanse, condition, and style the hair. The product was developed by Hollywood hair-stylist to the stars, Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean designed the product as a healthier alternative to the way that people usually wash, condition, and style their hair. Generally, those products contain a number of harsh ingredients like sulfates that damage the hair. Chaz Dean is one hair stylist that believes in using natural products on the hair. Wen by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner is very natural and nourishing. TO purchase Wen, simply visit or the official Chaz Dean store.

Fabletics And Their Business Approach

When a new company is attempting to be successful, they need to be aware of their competition. This is especially true for fashion e-commerce companies. Amazon is a huge competitor in this area, and they need to be given special consideration.


Fabletics is a young athletic wear company. They started out based completely online. Amazon was one factor that played into how they would be successful. Fabletics had to create a business model that would allow them to stand out amongst Amazon.


When Fabletics began, all of their products were available only through their website. Customers could come to the website and make their purchases there. Customers were also given the option of signing up to be VIP members. They were asked questions about what they liked and what they would be comfortable wearing. These answers were stored and a customized shopping experience was then presented to each customer. A personalized shopping experience means that customers would be given certain offers and specials based on what they said they liked.


Fabletics also used these answers in their business planning and expanding. The next step for Fabletics was to open physical stores. Based on the information given by the VIP members, Fabletics already had a good grasp on what their customers wanted to buy. Fabletics also knew where their customers were located so they were able to narrow down the best areas for opening a physical store.


When Fabletics opened their first physical stores, they already had a customer base in place. About half of the customers coming through the door were already fans of the brand. Most had already made purchases and were VIP members. By opening physical stores, Fabletics fans had another outlet to purchase their items.


By being a membership-based online company, Fabletics had a system in place to get to know their customers. By tracking information from their customers, they were able to know what products were big sellers, what trends were happening with the products, and where their customers were located. This information was valuable to the opening of all the physical stores.


Fabletics was started in October of 2013. They have only been in business for less than three years, but they have already grown to be a company valued at over $250 million. They have seen growth of at least 35% each year. Fabletics has entered into a highly competitive market, but they have found a way to set themselves apart from the rest to include Amazon.


The approach Fabletics took to the fashion e-commerce market has been different from most companies. Fabletics created a system where they got to know their customer base and learn what they wanted. They took this information and have created a successful company out of it. Fabletics may be new but they are strong and seeing growth year after year.

The Benefits of Being A Member of Fabletics

A few quick questions for the ladies, are you truly living a healthy lifestyle? Would you be interested in joining a membership program that helps you achieve your fitness goals? How about joining a program that offer it’s members huge discounts on some of the best athletic apparel? If you answered yes to any of these then you should consider joining the hottest new (health, fitness, & attire) program today. A little bit of info on the company. It’s co-founded by a woman who actually lives a healthy lifestyle and she’s a prominent figure in mainstream society. I bet you’re guessing who this woman is? Well, her mother is Goldie Hawn!…OK her name is Kate Hudson! That’s right. Wouldn’t it feel great to join a program that actually practices what it preach? Well continue to read on about these exclusive benefits and offerings of this brand.


Fabletics has found a niche that has been vacant since forever, especially for women. This fresh new line is like a breath of fresh hair and many members of the program stated “the brand has comfortable activewear at an affordable price.” Others have simply stated “OMG!” and “a great balance of style and practicality.” Fabletics was designed for women to live a healthy lifestyle. No you don’t have to be an aspiring fitness model or professional athlete. This is for the average everyday women who run errands, chase the kids around the house, or for those who walk the dogs as well as you joggers. Kate Hudson’s imprint is all over the brand as it mimics her very lifestyle. Check out some of the exclusive items below:


  • Salar Capris-A blend of comfort and style that is high quality and gives you plenty of stretch
  • Kemi Bra-Gives you that extra support for low level exercises or everyday activities
  • Aventura Tank Top-Is loosely fitted and gives you plenty of room for movement and it’s paper thin


This is just a taste of what Fabletics offers and if you become a member, he discounts are out of this world. All you have to do is register an account and you’re all set! There is a low monthly fee, but if you decide to skip a month or two, there are no questions asked. Why not be the envy of all your friends, but in a good way and let Fabletics help you reach your goals.


Fashion and Style: It’s Not Just for Women

While women have been known to be the stylish and more elegantly dressed group, men can also put together a good outfit that is flattering to their shape. Kate Hudson recognized this and has opened a men’s line of clothing in her Fabletics online clothes retailer. However, men are faced with quite an obstacle when it comes to dressing well. Kate Hudson offers both men and women some great products like Fabletics that they can wear at any point of the day. She also understands the importance of comfort. Men are also encouraged to dress well with the comfort and flexibility of the fabric of the clothes. The line is called FL2.

With Kate Hudson’s passion for fashion and style, she has gained a lot of attention from many people. She has gone on many interviews that have been published on sources like Marie Claire. Kate Hudson has talked about the inspiration behind her idea of Fabletics for the concept of athleisure. She has seen that a lot of the clothing retailers only have basic athletic clothes that are boring in design and ill fitting. She has taken the time to put together a clothing line like Fabletics that helps women feel better about themselves with clothes that fit better.

Kate Hudson has become sympathetic to the struggles of men when it comes to fashion. Therefore, she offers the more fashion conscious men options when it comes to more unique athletic fashions. They will not only look better, but they will fit better so that the men can perform their workouts in a much better way. This also allows the more creative types to put together an outfit that will make them feel a lot better about themselves. Fabletics is definitely a game changer when it comes to athletic fashion. People will also save money when they shop at Fabletics. 


Fabletics: Easy on the Eyes and the Budget

Everyone has been in this predicament a time or two: you want something, but your budget prohibits it. As you anxiously squeeze your wallet, hoping that it will release some extra funds, you watch what you have been dying to get slip away. This is certainly discouraging, and prohibits even the most motivated of people from doing what they want or even need to accomplish. This horror can include a multitude of situations on, including not being able to buy a new television, or to go out with your friends, but it can even include partaking in a shopping excursion. “I’ll get it next time,” are words you find yourself mumbling. Well, hush, little lady! Something big has recently happened, and it is so budget friendly that it might as well be free.

An article was recently published by The Clothes Maiden, and it strictly focused on the amazing clothing line by actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics. You have probably heard of this line, but might have also thought it unattainable, because, face it: celebrity clothing usually means big bucks. Until now, an A-list name meant A-list prices, and your Z-list wallet had to refuse. Hudson, however, refuses to do that to public, and has made a clothing line for women craving style, athleticism, and some financial deals that is Fabletics.

At this point, you might also be thinking why you care about athletic clothing; you might not be an exercise guru, but that is okay. Fabletics is a line that works well for the gym, but works even better for when you wish to get dolled up. While you might consider putting on deodorant after exercising, this clothing line makes it so that you never have to consider changing for your next activity, and certainly ensures that you will feel comfortable no matter what.

In this article, mention was also made to Hudson’s inevitable ability to inspire the public. Her gentle soul allows her to awaken happiness in people both on and off the screen, and her special attention to what her lady peers need has truly shaped the fashion industry into a healthier, happier place that still looks pretty flawless. As Hudson regularly releases new clothing by Fabletics, the public watches in awe as once uncomfortable clothing becomes comfortable and adorably chic. Complaints are a thing of the past due to Hudson’s response, and the lady audience is happy to hear it!

Beautiful from Head to Toe: Natural Beauty Products and JustFab Fashion

A common mistake for the masses has been to buy products claiming to be natural only to find out that those products are actually loaded with chemicals. To make matters worse, these products do not even work in the manner that their manufacturers claim that they do. Thankfully, Buzzfeed recently released an article containing the twenty-two best natural beauty products that actually work. With an emphasis on improving hair and skin health, some products trumped the rest by making the top ten spots.

For Healthier Hair

The top products recommended by Buzzfeed for healthy and shiny hair included Dindi all natural soaps and shampoos, Shea Moisture products, Intelligent Nutrients haircare products, and Luna Hanwi’s bay beard oil for the gentleman. All of these products on provide hair with essential oils and nutrients that stimulate growth, strength, and shine. Of course, each product offered a glowing review from a user that further validated their effectiveness.

For Healthy Skin and Glowing Faces

The products awarded on the top spots for the promotion of healthy skin included Blissoma lavish recovery face masks, Alima pure cheeks, RMS beauty concealers, Inika organic brow pencils, and the entire Burt’s Bees skincare line. Buzzfeed also supported the use of Shea Moisture products as a lotion for the face and skin, and suggested Dindi soaps to achieve healthy, radiant skin as well. Additionally, topping the list was pure African black soap. Many support the properties of this natural soap and claim that it heals problem skin. All of these products eliminate acne, blackheads, dark circles, and moisturize skin. The use of these products will surely leave people feeling like the best versions of themselves. As a result, they will want to run out to get a new wardrobe.

JustFab is a retailer offering affordable and trendy shoes, clothes, hats, handbags, and accessories for the avid fashionista. Supporting the idea that beauty is for everybody, JustFab offers clothing for people of all sizes. In collaboration with big brands such as Fabletics by Kate Hudson, this retailer has millions of supporters worldwide. Beauty and fashion go hand in hand, further validating the need for natural beauty products like those highlighted in Buzzfeed’s article and for fashion retailers like JustFab.

Doe Deere Helps Me Be Myself

When I was in high school, I was so afraid to express myself. I attended a very strict Catholic high school. Everyone was trying to blend together and not stand apart from the crowd. That was what was to be expected by our families, classmates, and teachers. There wasn’t much room to stand out. Most people loved this idea of conformity. I was one of the ones who did not. The only way I felt comfortable expressing myself was through my makeup. Unfortunately, that was frowned upon.

I didn’t want to stand apart and be ridiculed. I did not want to express myself only to be shunned by others. I was scared. I wish I had known about a woman named Doe Deere who is a fearless woman. I could have used her inspiration to help me through the tough times!

Deere is truly a pioneer when it comes to makeup and makeup trends. Any time she is out and about, she always looks flawless and put together. Her signature moves are big bold makeup. Her lips are always an eye catching color, her nails done immaculately, and her hair is a fresh and fun color. Deere is an inspiration to everyone everywhere because shes’s not conforming to the way that society says she should do makeup. Deere believes that everyone has a right to be magical and to express themselves. She doesn’t believe that makeup is for any one type of person. Deere feels that boys can wear makeup as well as girls.

Deere has put these philosophies into her very own makeup line called Lime Crime. It’s truly amazing that she was able to create a business from the ground up and she’s remained so humble about it. Deere helps others now with whatever questions they have about makeup or running their own business. Deere is also very animal friendly. Her makeup products are safe and they were never tested on animals. Her products are also vegan friendly which is a big deal for some of the following that she has!

I may not have discovered Deere in high school but now that I’m an adult, I use her makeup line in my everyday life. I like to be bold and different when I come to work which is the look I achieve through her velveteen lipsticks and glitter eye shadow line. I am always showered in compliments, as well.

Overall, Doe Deere helps those individuals who feel that they are born to standout when it comes to makeup. She really stands behind her line and she truly is an inspiration. Makeup wasn’t Deere’s first choice in a career path but we are sure glad that it’s where she ended up! I know she’s helped me to feel beautiful and a thousand other people could probably attest to the same thing. Deere has her fair share of people trying to bring her down, just like any other successful business owner does, but she’s really held her head high through it all.