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Fabletics And Their Business Approach

When a new company is attempting to be successful, they need to be aware of their competition. This is especially true for fashion e-commerce companies. Amazon is a huge competitor in this area, and they need to be given special consideration.


Fabletics is a young athletic wear company. They started out based completely online. Amazon was one factor that played into how they would be successful. Fabletics had to create a business model that would allow them to stand out amongst Amazon.


When Fabletics began, all of their products were available only through their website. Customers could come to the website and make their purchases there. Customers were also given the option of signing up to be VIP members. They were asked questions about what they liked and what they would be comfortable wearing. These answers were stored and a customized shopping experience was then presented to each customer. A personalized shopping experience means that customers would be given certain offers and specials based on what they said they liked.


Fabletics also used these answers in their business planning and expanding. The next step for Fabletics was to open physical stores. Based on the information given by the VIP members, Fabletics already had a good grasp on what their customers wanted to buy. Fabletics also knew where their customers were located so they were able to narrow down the best areas for opening a physical store.


When Fabletics opened their first physical stores, they already had a customer base in place. About half of the customers coming through the door were already fans of the brand. Most had already made purchases and were VIP members. By opening physical stores, Fabletics fans had another outlet to purchase their items.


By being a membership-based online company, Fabletics had a system in place to get to know their customers. By tracking information from their customers, they were able to know what products were big sellers, what trends were happening with the products, and where their customers were located. This information was valuable to the opening of all the physical stores.


Fabletics was started in October of 2013. They have only been in business for less than three years, but they have already grown to be a company valued at over $250 million. They have seen growth of at least 35% each year. Fabletics has entered into a highly competitive market, but they have found a way to set themselves apart from the rest to include Amazon.


The approach Fabletics took to the fashion e-commerce market has been different from most companies. Fabletics created a system where they got to know their customer base and learn what they wanted. They took this information and have created a successful company out of it. Fabletics may be new but they are strong and seeing growth year after year.

The Benefits of Being A Member of Fabletics

A few quick questions for the ladies, are you truly living a healthy lifestyle? Would you be interested in joining a membership program that helps you achieve your fitness goals? How about joining a program that offer it’s members huge discounts on some of the best athletic apparel? If you answered yes to any of these then you should consider joining the hottest new (health, fitness, & attire) program today. A little bit of info on the company. It’s co-founded by a woman who actually lives a healthy lifestyle and she’s a prominent figure in mainstream society. I bet you’re guessing who this woman is? Well, her mother is Goldie Hawn!…OK her name is Kate Hudson! That’s right. Wouldn’t it feel great to join a program that actually practices what it preach? Well continue to read on about these exclusive benefits and offerings of this brand.


Fabletics has found a niche that has been vacant since forever, especially for women. This fresh new line is like a breath of fresh hair and many members of the program stated “the brand has comfortable activewear at an affordable price.” Others have simply stated “OMG!” and “a great balance of style and practicality.” Fabletics was designed for women to live a healthy lifestyle. No you don’t have to be an aspiring fitness model or professional athlete. This is for the average everyday women who run errands, chase the kids around the house, or for those who walk the dogs as well as you joggers. Kate Hudson’s imprint is all over the brand as it mimics her very lifestyle. Check out some of the exclusive items below:


  • Salar Capris-A blend of comfort and style that is high quality and gives you plenty of stretch
  • Kemi Bra-Gives you that extra support for low level exercises or everyday activities
  • Aventura Tank Top-Is loosely fitted and gives you plenty of room for movement and it’s paper thin


This is just a taste of what Fabletics offers and if you become a member, he discounts are out of this world. All you have to do is register an account and you’re all set! There is a low monthly fee, but if you decide to skip a month or two, there are no questions asked. Why not be the envy of all your friends, but in a good way and let Fabletics help you reach your goals.


Peppy, Proactive, Pretty…Evolution of Smooth

The next time you are looking for a smoothing lip balm product, look no further than Evolution of Smooth. Evolution of Smooth products transform the lips from dry and cracking into smooth and supple.
A lip product should always be a pleasure to use but that isn’t always so with medicated lip balms, balms that contain mysterious and synthetic ingredients, and balms that taste of plastic. A lip balm is going directly on the mouth and should be made of quality ingredients that would be healthy enough to eat. EOS balms are made of natural ingredients and some EOS pods are even made from 100% organic ingredients.

Evolution of Smooth lip balms are available on Walmart. It is made in many delightful flavors so anyone can find a favorite. With flavors like Strawberry, Lemon Drop, and Passion Fruit, there is a flavor and scent for every discerning nose and palette to enjoy. The flavor of the lip balm typically coordinates with the outside colored pod. Bright yellow contains lemon inside, strawberry is a nice juicy pink, and passion fruit is a beautiful tropical purple. These EOS pods are as fun to look at in the purse or in the hand as they are to use. Why shouldn’t a lip balm be as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside?

Some of the EOS balms often even more protective benefits on top of being organic like containing a sunscreen factor as well. Part of maintaining healthy skin is using sun protection even on the lesser thought about areas of our face like our lips. Lips can also endure sun damage and sun burn, so there are options for everyone including sensitive skin folks who like to keep their pouts protected in more ways than one. Visit: and for more info.

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