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The Trends of Today Courtesy of Technology and Fashion According to Chris Burch

Through the use of the internet and through the ability for technology to bring better fashion choices, the things available to the public is better than it ever was before. If you think about it, technology has always led to more than just fashion trends. The ability to offer protection to others comes from the use of the technology that is still to this day growing.


What once started out as a silly idea has led to the ability to offer protection to our loved ones by creating a helmet to be worn during biking, skating, skateboarding and so much more. The same systems that helped to bring this idea together is what is used to create just the simplest clothing fashions.


Those who take pride in technology and in fashion are who helps to bring the biggest fashion trends together. They will work to come up with an idea and trend that will be picked up by even the biggest stars and celebrities. When you think about the internet, what do you think about? I bet that the things that come to mind revolve around the ability to meet people in far-away places and the ability to reach people by the millions.


That is why Christopher Burch is one of the top-rated billionaires of time. He became a first-time billionaire back in 2012 when Forbes Magazine took to him as the World’s Billionaire. He was pushed over the billionaire mark by adding in his personal investments through his attachments to the Guggenheim Partners group.


Christopher Burch was raised in the rural countryside of Wayne, Pennsylvania. He comes from a middle-class family who is also Catholic. He was just one of ten children who were born to the family. His father was a distributor for the mining supplies and equipment of mining.


He became involved in the fashion industry during his time as an undergrad at the Ithaca College and his brother and him started a company known as Eagle Eye with just a small investment of a mere $2,000 dollars. He started out purchasing sweaters for only 10 dollars and on the return side would sell them for $15.00.