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Civil Servants In Venezuela Are Now Only Working Two Days A Week

The country of Venezuela is dealing with yet another major crisis. This time around however its an energy crisis. According to a story posted on the Independent news site, the country of Venezuela is now forcing all civil workers to work only two days a week.
Government employees have already been working four days a week and are expected to do so until the end of May. The idea is to reduce electricity consumption by reducing the amount of time people spend at work.

This is an unconventional response and no one really knows if it will work. The two day work week is expected to last two weeks and will affect millions of workers all over the country.

Shopping centre hours have also been cut and families are being forced to deal with 4 hour electricity blackouts on a daily basis.

The reaction from Venezuelans like David Osio has been one of disbelief. Many feel keeping them home from working isn’t helping. Especially since the government is basically paying them to stay home.

President Maduro has asked everyone to do what they can to help save power. A few suggestions he made were to limit the use of appliances and raise the temperature on air conditioning units.

While Hugo Chavez promised to solve the power problem in 2010, the reality is he did very little to address the issue says Osio. Hopefully President Maduro will do a better job.