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Lovaganza Is Putting Its Own Spin On The World Fair

What Is Lovaganza?
Lovaganza is an event that is meant to promote global unity and the arts through holding events focused on music, dance, art and film in the spirit of the World Fairs of the past. Today there are many festivals promoting music and art that have captured the public’s attention such as the California-based music festival Coachella and the global art exhibition known as Art Basel. What sets Lovaganza apart from events like Coachella and Art Basel is the sheer scope of the event. While Coachella is expanding its reach outside of California and Art Basel takes place in Miami as well as Europe, Lovaganza will take place in 50 cities across the globe. In addition to having a global reach Lovaganza’s structure is such that the event will take place over a period of five years. Lovaganza is comprised of what is known as pre-events that have been scheduled over a five-year period that began in 2015. After five years Lovaganza will culminate in a principal event that will be held in the year 2020. The event is slated to occur on September 14, 2020.

What Sets Lovaganza Apart?

Among the many factors that has set Lovaganza apart from other large scale events that focus on the arts is the fact that it draws its inspiration from the World Fairs of the past. According to TIME Magazine the major World Fairs of the past, likely the ones that loom in the publicĂ•s consciousness when they hear the phrase, helped drive important advancements that still impact the way that we live today. In a 2014 article TIME Magazine reported that the World Fair of 1939 helped mark the beginning of the age of television while the World Fair of 1889 resulted in the construction of the Eiffel Tower in France. The magazine also noted that the 1893 World Fair in Chicago was responsible for a carnival attraction that endures to this very day: the ferris wheel. In addition to popularizing a world-famous carnival attraction the Chicago World Fair was responsible for encouraging other cities around the country to engage in beautification efforts. The extensive attention that the city paid to landscaping, beautifying its building and adorning them with electric lights and white stucco gave other cities an example they were eager to follow when it came to beautifying and designing their own cities. Lovaganza seeks to draw upon the groundbreaking history of the World Fairs of the past. Oftentimes World Fairs were organized around momentous themes of futurism and world peace. Lovaganza seeks to draw upon this tradition by organizing an event that inspired its attendees to create positive visions for humanity’s future.

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