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Keith Mann Believes In Education

While earning a college degree has many benefits, there are people who want to attend college but for various reasons are not able to attend college. One of the main reasons that some people are not able to go to college is the cost of college. Every year the cost of college tends to increase. For people without financial resources or access to people with financial resources, college can often be out of reach.


Many people who do not have the financial means to go to college do have options. One of the primary options that people with limited funds for college have is scholarships. The ability to receive scholarships is one of the main ways that some people are able to attend college. There are a wide variety of scholarships for people who need financial assistance to attend college. However, scholarships usually have certain requirements that people have to meet to qualify for the scholarships.


A New York area businessman who believes in education for children is Keith Mann. Recently he established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. All graduating seniors can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is given to one graduating senior each year.


Uncommon Schools is a network of charter schools that is ran by the Uncommon Schools organization. The charter schools are designed to provide a quality education for children located in areas where the public schools are lacking the funds to provide the resources needed for the students.


Keith Mann is a businessman who understands the value of an education. He believes that an education can change the life of children and their families. This is one of the reasons why he provides scholarships to deserving students. Keith Mann feels that any child who wants an education should be able to have an education no matter how much money the child has available to pay for an education.


Keith Mann is the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. The firm provides executive search services for companies in the alternative investment industry. As a business professional, Keith Mann has over 15 years of experience in the executive search industry. As the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann has helped hundreds of companies fill key executive positions.