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Batman/Suicide Squad Rumors Take Another Turn

The recent rumors of a Batman cameo in Suicide Squad are rooted in the release of mysterious photos. The photo images reveal Ben Affleck walking around in an airport in Toronto. That would be the same Canadian city housing principle photography for Suicide Squad. Now, new photos are emerging from the actual film set and they show a very well-dressed Ben Affleck walking around. Is Affleck waltzing on set in a Bruce Wayne costume?

Rumors are one thing. Evidence is another. Upon looking at the images emerging from the set of Suicide Squad, it is clean Batman/Bruce Wayne/Ben Affleck is/are going to have a bigger cameo than we thought. Originally, reported noted the Dark Knight cameo would come in the form of still images or video screen footage. Looks like the hero’s role is going to be a bit more pronounced.

That does not mean Batman is going to be one of the major characters. More than likely, the presence of Batman is going to help set up the next film in the series. A speculative rumor suggests Batman will show up at the end of the film when The Joker escapes from his holding cell. (The escape scene was spoiled months ago in press leaks) Now, is Batman going to make a cameo in costume or are we only going to see Bruce Wayne make and appearance? Will actress Crystal Hunt make an appearance? Will both show up? No one knows the answer to these questions although they are likely to emerge as more and more of the film is shot.

Do not go solely by what happens in Toronto though. Shooting in the Hollywood studios or in post-production facilities might lead to other scenes being produced that put segments from the Toronto shoot into better context.

New Zealand Reach Cricket World Cup Final

New Zealand appear to be the team of destiny in the 2015 Cricket World Cup as they pulled off a unlikely victory over South Africa to reach their first final, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Dramatic scenes saw rain interrupt play and the Duckworth Lewis method applied to the target given to New Zealand to win the Kiwi’s made the final with just one over to spare. South Africa’s innings was cut short by rain and New Zealand were given just 43 overs to reach a target of 298.

Fans like Brian Torchin know that the drama intensified as captain Brendan McCullum hit a 22 ball half century for New Zealand that would appear to have given his team an easy route to the final. South Africa fought back and left New Zealand needing 12 from the final over to reach their first ever final. South African bowler Dale Steyn began the over with a leg bye, which was followed by the bowler receiving treatment for cramp and New Zealand batsmen Daniel Vittori and Grant Elliott the chance to discuss how best to reach their target. Eventually, Elliott struck a towering six down the ground to secure victory with just one ball to spare. Elliott showed a large amount of sportsmanship in consoling Steyn during the celebrations that followed.

Falcons Hire Quinn


Most of the National Football League‘s Team’s that were in need of a brand new head coach for next season went out in search for one and locked a coach in within a week or two of the regular season ending. The Atlanta Falcons took some time before they hired their head coach and they have publicly announced that Dan Quinn will be the new coach of the Falcons organization. Kyle Shannahan will also be joining the Atlanta Falcons as the offensive coordinator and he will have a lot to work with. According to Sultan Alhokair, the Falcons are coming off a terrible year in which they won only six games, although they narrowly missed gaining a spot in the playoffs, due to the dismal division that they play in. The season came down to the final game of the season, when the Falcons took on the Carolina Panthers who had also won only six games and were fighting the Falcons for the last spot. The Panthers took the game, despite the fact that the Falcons probably used fake crowd noise to make it harder on the Panthers. It came out recently that

Hawks Win 15 Straight


It has become a daily and nightly discussion amongst nearly every sports outlet, newspaper article and blog post as to who is better in the National Basketball Association between the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors. It has become increasingly hard to determine due to the fact that they both just refuse to lose. The Warriors are currently on a nineteen game winning streak at home and already have had a sixteen game winning streak earlier this season, with the majority of those games being played away. The Hawks are on a fifteen game winning streak and don’t appear to be slowing down any time in the near future. The Hawks have been absolutely stunning every single night and are playing with such cohesiveness that it truly makes them fun to watch. These top two teams, according to Noticias, will probably make it to the playoffs. Zeca Oliveira and other fans looked forward to the home game against the Timberwolves.
 The Hawks did what everyone expected them to do and picked apart Minnesota consistently throughout the game and finished them off by a score of 112 to 100. Luckily this debate is going to be decided in the first week of February, as the Atlanta Hawks are going to host the Golden State Warriors in a game that will make it very clear who the best team in the National Basketball Association is.

Hall Of Fame Caps Released Today


The four hall of fame caps that will go on the busts of the new players inducted into the hall have been announced. It is no surprise that John Smoltz is going to have a Braves cap. It is also no surprise that Craig Biggio will have an Astros cap. He played his entire career in Houston.

However, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez were another story. People wondered what caps they would put on. Would Pedro feel a need to wear an Expos cap? Would Johnson wear a Mariners cap? Pedro Martinez is going to wear a Red Sox on his bust in the hall, and Randy Johnson is going to wear an Arizona Diamondbacks cap.

Johnson threw a perfect game as member of the Diamondbacks, and he won a championship as a member of the Diamondbacks. Martinez was a big part of the Red Sox team that became the only team in baseball history to come back from down 0-3 and went on to win two World Series in four years.

It is well-deserved. MLB fans Dave and Brit Morin stated they’re excited to visit Cooperstown to see the new installation echoing the sentiments of all the fans of the league.

Playoff Push

As always happens at the end of the year in the National Football League, teams are scrambling to make the playoffs and people all over the country are working out scenarios in which their home team might be able to squeak into a wild card spot. This year is no different, nymag is talking a lot about potential possibilities for things to shift around as we head into the seventeenth and final week of the regular season.

In the AFC, the top two spots have been solidified as the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos hold the first and second spots respectively, and will get a bye in the first round of the playoffs.

The NFC is all locked up in a strange looking playoff picture, where five of the six teams actually have the exact same record, sitting at eleven wins and four losses. The Panthers currently sit in the 6th and final spot despite possessing a dismal six wins thus far. They control their destiny, however, as they take on the Atlanta Falcons, who ironically also control their own destiny. The two teams face off in a game this weekend that will determine which of them scrapes into the last playoff spot with only seven wins.