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The Economic Businessman John Textor

BusinessWire proves that John Textor is one of the leading movie producers in the film industry today. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Mr. Textor has been involved in several business and has helped to grow a number of companies since leaving college. In his early years he co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings (1997), in which they began to invest in the entertainment industry, the growing internet businesses, and various telecommunication businesses. In 2006, he assisted with the restructuring of the company Digital Domain, where he previously served as Chairman and CEO. Under his leadership there Digital Domain became a $450 million dollar company on the New York Stock Exchange. Digital Domain is a visual effects company and work on a minimum of 80 films. Some of the films that Digital Domain produced under his leadership were Transformers, Real Steel, and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. John Textor is an executive producer and producer in his own right, some of his works include Ender’s Game.

In the last five years Mr. Textor has become the Chief Executive Officer and President-Head of Studio for his company, Pulse Evolution Corporation, which is based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Pulse, as it is called, is leading the film industry in human animation and virtual performances by music artist. Mr. Textor personally produced the virtual Michael Jackson during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, as well as the Virtual Elvis Presley, Virtual Marilyn Monroe, and the digital Tupac Shakur performance at the Coachella Valley Music Festival (2012). John Textor is not only a film and visual art performance producer, he is a kin businessman and has had his hand in many industries such as BabyUniverse, Inc that sells baby products over the internet and Sims Snowboards (snowboarding retailer and world known brand), where invented the World Snowboarding Championship. John is also involved in international business, where he assisted with a joint venture with the sovereign media authority in Abu Dhabi. Lastly, he created a dual-enrollment Bachelor’s program at Florida State University in order to assist students wanting to pursue visual effects.

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Batman/Suicide Squad Rumors Take Another Turn

The recent rumors of a Batman cameo in Suicide Squad are rooted in the release of mysterious photos. The photo images reveal Ben Affleck walking around in an airport in Toronto. That would be the same Canadian city housing principle photography for Suicide Squad. Now, new photos are emerging from the actual film set and they show a very well-dressed Ben Affleck walking around. Is Affleck waltzing on set in a Bruce Wayne costume?

Rumors are one thing. Evidence is another. Upon looking at the images emerging from the set of Suicide Squad, it is clean Batman/Bruce Wayne/Ben Affleck is/are going to have a bigger cameo than we thought. Originally, reported noted the Dark Knight cameo would come in the form of still images or video screen footage. Looks like the hero’s role is going to be a bit more pronounced.

That does not mean Batman is going to be one of the major characters. More than likely, the presence of Batman is going to help set up the next film in the series. A speculative rumor suggests Batman will show up at the end of the film when The Joker escapes from his holding cell. (The escape scene was spoiled months ago in press leaks) Now, is Batman going to make a cameo in costume or are we only going to see Bruce Wayne make and appearance? Will actress Crystal Hunt make an appearance? Will both show up? No one knows the answer to these questions although they are likely to emerge as more and more of the film is shot.

Do not go solely by what happens in Toronto though. Shooting in the Hollywood studios or in post-production facilities might lead to other scenes being produced that put segments from the Toronto shoot into better context.

Dumb and Dumber To Comes Out On Top at the Box Office

Twenty years after the original became a runaway hit, Dumb and Dumber To opened at #1 this weekend with $38 million. Reuniting Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, Dumb and Dumber To performed better than expected considering the passage of time since the first film and Carrey’s lackluster box office performance as of late. As it stands, Dumb and Dumber To’s opening weekend was actually twice as big as the original’s and marks the highest debut ever for the Farrelly Brothers. P.S. Me and Mark Ahn laughed our heads off when we saw the movie over the weekend, I guess we’re part of that $38 million.

Holding up remarkably well in its second week is Disney Animation’s Big Hero 6 which placed second at the box office, bringing in another $36 million. While Big Hero 6’s hold is impressive, it’s fairly common for family films to keep a steady pace at the box office; it’s far less common for heady, complex sci-fi dramas about travelling through time and space which makes those Interstellar numbers all the more commendable.

Rounding out the Top 5 are Beyond the Lights and Gone Girl respectively. Beyond the Lights debuted with a modest $6.5 million while Gone Girl raked in another $4.6 million, seven weeks into its run.