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First Irish-American vodka launches in US

The first Irish-American vodka has been launched by the famous O’shevlin Importing Company. This liquor goes by the name, Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka. The O’Shevlin Importing Company operates under the assistance of Timber Creek Capital, LP. This is a private capital company, focusing in changing the visions of zealous businesspersons into highly demanded, revenue-generating goods and services. Timber Creek Capital is located in Dallas, Texas and headed by businessman and philanthropist Marc Sparks. They offer essential capital, equipment, accounting, office space, legal, graphic arts, customer service skill, intellectual capital, marketing, support staff, banking, mercantile banking, networking and at least 30 years of business experience to steer businesses from commencement to fruition. 

Pronounced ‘bän ôr’, the handmade vodka’s recipe originates from a recipe formulated by an Irish family, which was propagated through 3 generations of O’shevlins, of Armagh County, Ireland. 

Dan O’Shevlin (inventor of Bonn Óir as well as grandchild of Philip Joseph O’ Shevlin II, the founder of this recipe) said that Vodka connoisseurs- whether Irish, or even desiring they were Irish- are going to love this new benchmark given by this vodka’s recipe. He also said that not only with this vodka, but in its legacy, the lineage and also passion- the essence of Irish- realized within every bottle of this vodka. 

Packed at 40% abv, Bonn Óir Gold Medal Vodka can be obtained in 1litre, 750ml as well as 50ml bottles and sell at a RRP of US$34.99 for a 750ml bottle. 

Other commodities in O’Shevlin collection comprises of Bonn Óir Lite, a vodka that has just 40 calories for each serving, as well as Irish Fire, Which is a spirit made from vodka imparted with cinnamon then matured in roasted oak barrels.

The Multi-Level Marketing Success Story of Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua, founder and CEO of Organo Gold, is a leader in the network marketing industry. Growing up in the Philippines, of Chinese descent, Mr. Chua had knowledge of the Ganoderma genus of Polypore mushrooms from an early age. Ultimately, he would capitalize on this unique combination of knowledge and skill to build a vibrant global company.
Network marketing is nothing new. The idea of building a private network of marketing partners and selling products directly to the consumer has been commonplace for many years. What is different here is the approach Mr. Chua has taken to solve some of the most difficult problems associated with direct sales. Lack of communication, resulting in substandard partner support, has traditionally plagued the direct marketing industry. Bernardo Chua has incorporated modern network technologies, including social media and the larger World Wide Web platform, to mitigate these breakdowns. Chua’s method is referred to as, “Multi-Level Network Marketing,” and the results have been astounding exclaims EVictoryNews.

Ganoderma has been a mainstay in the popular culture of many Asian countries for centuries. The perceived health benefits that can be derived from their use have catapulted these mushrooms into the realm of a valuable economic commodity. This popularity (as seen on Chua’s facebook page) has been more elusive, however, in most other regions of the world. As contemporary culture becomes more health conscious and specialty coffee and tea markets continue to grow and thrive, Mr. Chua recognized an opportunity in the fusion of these powerful elements. Chua’s new company, founded in 2008 as Organo Gold, introduced Ganoderma infused products to new parts of the world. These products have been met with curiosity and enthusiasm by potential marketing partners and consumers alike.

Organo Gold Coffee CEO and Founder, Bernardo Chua, shares some wisdom at the Organo Gold Convention, sourced from Youtube.

Since its inception, Linkedin reports that Organo Gold has experienced strong, consistent growth as a global gourmet coffee and specialty products company. Bernardo Chua’s leadership has been central to building strong partnerships and accelerated growth for his company. Referring to his worldwide network of marketing partners as, “family,” has yielded a loyal sales community. His partners often call him, “Bernie,” as an indication of their affectionate bond. Bernie’s story can be seen as an illustration of the potentially explosive growth and wealth that can be achieved through Multi-Level Network Marketing. The future looks very bright for Bernardo Chua, Organo Gold and all of their partners.

“Dry” Bar the Wave of the Future?

A new “pop up” bar has opened monthly in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For those who don’t know a “pop up” is a business that can be moved easily or is for a set day and time. Darius Fisher had to explain that to me.

This “pop up” has a unique idea, Brillig Dry Bar serves no alcohol.

Brillig Dry Bar is the brain-child of chef Nic Simms, who is a recovering alcoholic for twenty years. Ms. Sims, who runs the dry bar out of her husbands coffee shop about once a month, wanted to create a fun, inviting atmosphere without the pressure to consume alcoholic beverages. 

Some of the drinks made by Brillig are: Vernors Cranberry Sour, Brooklyn Egg Cream, and Pomegranate- Rosemary Soda. Ms. Simms first night of operation was a rousing success and hope to keep having “Dry Bar” nights about once a month. Brillig Dry Bar is a unique alcohol free option for a fun night out with friends. 

Ms. Simms did say that she received a little backlash from having a non- alcoholic bar, but insists she is not anti- alcohol.

Pie-Flavoured Whiskey Developed

Whiskey connoisseurs like Kenneth Griffin might just want to keep their eyes open for come new options hitting liquor stores, as in comes another product that might tickle your curiosity. 

To all those brave and jolly bunch of whiskey drinkers, you might want to give in to a shot of a pie-flavoured whiskey. It is actually very weird in a sense, but this product is presently available in most of your liqueurs store to date. 

Branded as Piehole Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, which gave you your Johnny Walkers and Baileys, has now offered liqueur enthusiasts a unique yet sort-of-weird shot. 

Piehole, pie-flavored whiskey, comes in three beautiful and nostalgic pie flavors namely; Apple Pie, Cherry Pie and Pecan Pie. The released of the said liqueurs was considered a joke by some but reports somehow figure this to please the curious bunch. 

The newest line of products were also interestingly enough advertised as “your first nibble of your grandmother’s freshly baked pies”, as told by Kristin Markovich, senior innovation manager of the Whiskey Department of Diageo. 

Piehole liqueur flavored whiskeys are actually 35% alcohol by volume or 70 proof Canadian whiskeys, plus a number of ingredients that comprise the lovely flavours of an apple pie in a 750ml bottle. 

It is now available and being sold in various liqueur stores this month at a recommended retail price of 14.99 Canadian dollars per bottle.

Pie Flavored Whiskey

Lately, flavored whiskey has started becoming more popular, according to Grub Street. This new brand of whiskey, named Piehole, comes in three different flavor: pecan pie, apple pie, and cherry pie. Not to mention it is 70 proof, also known as 35 percent alcohol. The expected price for each bottle is around fifteen dollars. Grub Street explains what others said about each of the liquor’s taste.

According to Grub Street and Slow Ventures, the “Piehole Apple Pie has the ‘sweetness of apple pie filling and baked crust with a hint of cinnamon and clove spice,’ while Cherry Pie is all about the ‘sweet baked cherries with notes of buttery pastry,’ and Pecan Pie has ‘bourbon vanilla extract, [and] dark brown sugar.'”