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The Dunkin Difference

Dunkin Donuts consistently serves their hot coffees in Styrofoam cups. Starting in New York City locations will beginserving coffee in plastic instead of Styrofoam. The plastic cups are made of polypropylene and is recyclable much more so than the wasteful Styrofoam cups. The company had no choice but to go with the plastic change when New York City put a ban on Styrofoam starting July 1st. If the plastic cups prove to be a success these cups could find themselves in Dunkin Donut stores across the entire country. A representative for Dunkin Donuts talk to the Huffington Post and told them that they are testing out the new cups in Massachusetts, California, and Vermont in select locations. Jim Dondero knows that the company is also looking to use other materials like paper with a goal of getting rid of Styrofoam completely by the year 2016. For a company that sells 30 cups of coffee every second of every day this environmental switch could do a lot for the nation’s landfills. The root of this goal started back in 2006 and continued into 2013. It wasn’t until New York mandated that Styrofoam could no longer be used that Dunkin Donuts revisited the idea of using materials other than Styrofoam for their cups. Dunkin Donuts will continue to test any available materials that they believe is the best solution for customers when it comes to cost, commercial viability, environmental impacts, and performance. No matter what they choose we know that it won’t be Styrofoam.