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Does Your Dog Need The Most Expensive Food To Live Longer?

Marketing companies have influenced the buying habits of consumers for generations. It is no surprise that the companies who put the most marketing behind their foods, will sell the most food, but it also goes much deeper than that. In recent years, there has been a campaign of teaching consumers that only the finest, best, most expensive and elaborate list of ingredients are good enough for the canines in your family.

This sort of teaching is not entirely accurate and it is unfair to those who cannot afford high priced foods. These people are made to feel that they aren’t good pet parents for simply not being able to afford these premium foods. This isn’t fair, nor is it an accurate representation. There are plenty of premium foods on the market that are not over priced and will meet and/or exceed the needs of your pets.

Beneful is just one of many foods that will adequately feed your pet, keep them happy and healthy, and not break your pocket book. You can afford to feed your pets a great food and it doesn’t have to contain organic and imported ingredients. You can choose from puppy food, adult dog recipe or even Beneful made for seniors. If you prefer to feed wet food, they also have a complete line of wet foods that contain real meat and vegetables. You won’t be feeding your pet anything less than awesome.

Many major pet food brands are made by larger companies and these companies don’t all focus on just pet foods. Purina, however, does focus on foods for animals and they are the manufacturer of Beneful. Trusted all over the world to feed household pets and farm animals and livestock, Purina is a name that means quality. You have nothing to worry about when you choose a food made by Purina.