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Are Consumers Aware Of How Many Calories They Take In At Chipotle?

A typical Chipotle burrito is going to give you 1,070 calories. For those of you watching what goes in your body during a day, it doesn’t stop there. Along with the burrito you also get a full days amount of recommended sodium intake and seventy-five percent of a daily recommended dose of saturated fat.

One of the main reasons for all the calories is the tortilla itself. They have 300 calories by themselves, and then you put in the meat, rice, sour cream, cheese and other favorites bringing it to over 1,000 calories in total. Susan McGalla has heard that Chipotle doesn’t call itself a health food restaurant, but these numbers are shocking.

A typical food chain restaurant will give you a large variety of different meals to choose from. A person can normally make a fairly healthy meal from them, or eat a total calorie blow-out meal. This is true for what are becoming, ‘fast casual’ restaurants like, Chipotle. A customer can order their burrito anyway they choose; load it up with all the good tasting (not necessarily good for you) foods, or go with more restricted items that are lower in fat and sodium.

When the typical burrito is ordered at 1,070 calories, a customer is getting more than half the calories they should consume in their whole day. The Dietary Guideline for Americans is between 1,600 and 2,400 per day for an adult.

They are however, aware of the nutrition in all their ingredients.